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Transforming the Built Environment Sector with BCA

Singapore’s picturesque yet practical city skyline is the result of years of hard work in the built environment sector. With the Building and Construction Authority, scholars like Tan Jing Ying play their part in this organisation’s crucial mission: championing growth while maintaining quality.
BCA - Tan Jing Ying

Tan Jing Ying, a BCA Local Undergraduate Scholar, processes applications for structural plans approval and permits and reviews policies as a Senior Engineer in the Strategic Engineering Project Department (Building Engineering Group). She has a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) from NTU and a Master of Science (Civil Engineering) from NUS.

The built environment industry is in the midst of a great transformation.

A global trend toward productivity and sustainability has taken hold of the sector. It makes for an exciting time, as developers employ new technologies, new materials and new methods of construction to maximise efficiency and construct innovative green buildings.

However, progress is only possible with effective policies that keep the vision and objectives of all stakeholders in alignment while ensuring that fundamental safety requirements are constantly met.

This is where the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) plays a key role as both a driver of change and force for cooperation. Committed to good corporate governance, it formalises the principles and practices of the built environment industry towards continued growth and development.

Tan Jing Ying took up the BCA Local Scholarship because she was inspired to be part of this forward movement. Today, as a Senior Engineer in Strategic Engineering Project Department, she processes applications for structural plans approval and permits, as well as reviews policies helping to transform the built environment sector.

Like the built environment sector, her journey is one of constant development, with BCA guiding her every step.

Choosing to Build

While there are many career paths available to engineers, BCA stood out to Jing Ying from the start. “As the regulator of the Built Environment industry, BCA plays a key role and is the driver of change, with every decision and policy having a profound and long-term impact on the industry,” she said.

“In recognising the importance of BCA’s role, I signed up for the BCA Local Scholarship in hope of pursuing a dynamic and meaningful career, in which my time and effort would contribute to shaping policies aimed at building a safe, high quality, sustainable and friendly built environment.”

The organisation recognised her drive, and awarded her a prestigious scholarship. This proved a gateway to manifest learning and growth opportunities, as the scholar enjoyed internships and organised gatherings to link up with BCA scholars.

Jing Ying also highlighted how BCA went above and beyond its initial sponsorship offer, aware that undergraduate education alone is insufficient to fully equip graduates with the necessary knowledge and experience.

“In recognising this, BCA encouraged me to pursue further studies, following which I completed the Master of Science (Civil Engineering) at NUS,” she said. “In addition, BCA offered me an opportunity for attachment with an external firm to gain design knowledge and experience.”

Tan Jing Ying

A Crucial Role in Transformative Times

Today, she puts her studies into practice processing applications for structural plan approval and work commencement permits. Other tasks include reviewing policies and attending to public enquiries and feedback.

Notably, Jing Ying was involved in the review of Singapore’s performance during the World Bank Doing Business Survey – Dealing with Construction Permits, where she worked with other agencies to review local practices and streamline processes. “The project illustrated the importance of engagement with industry stakeholders and various public agencies to ensure Singapore remains competitive,” she reflected.

Thus, she maintains a forward-facing mentality as she spoke excitedly about her aspirations with BCA. “I look forward to applying my knowledge and learning experience to work with my colleagues in reviewing BCA’s policies and regulations to enhance the robustness of Singapore’s building control regulatory framework.”

“I am also keen to work on the many challenging and exciting projects in BCA, such as the development of the enhanced platform for processing electronic submissions.”

But these developments never overshadow Jing Ying, and BCA’s, primary mission.

“It is more crucial now than ever to ensure that building safety is not compromised in our drive for productivity and sustainability,” she said.

“I especially hope that my efforts and contributions to these projects would go a long way in enhancing building safety in Singapore.”

“In recognising the importance of BCA’s role, I signed up for the BCA Local Scholarship in hope of pursuing a dynamic and meaningful career, in which my time and effort would contribute to shaping policies aimed at building a safe, high quality, sustainable and friendly built environment.” Tan Jing Ying

The Future of the Built Environment

As the industry continues to develop, BCA is committed to remaining at the forefront of change in its role as regulator and champion of change.

Hence, Jing Ying firmly put forth the organisation as an employer of choice for those looking for a meaningful and dynamic career.

“Your efforts will go a long way in shaping the built environment industry,” she emphasised. “You can also look forward to career development opportunities such as job rotations and sponsorship for further studies.”

From firm foundations to game-changing transformations, BCA offers everything an aspiring engineer could want. Here, you can construct your future.