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Redefining the Boundaries of Engineering

Singapore Technologies Engineering
For individuals who have a passion for engineering, the ST Engineering Scholarship might just be the right choice. With future career paths in the aerospace, electronics, land systems, and marine sectors, there is something for every aspiring engineer!

When it comes to the engineering sector in Singapore, few organisations stand out as prominently as ST Engineering. Committed to providing innovative solutions to commercial and defence organisations worldwide, ST Engineering has made a mark for itself as one of the most established names in the engineering industry.

We talk to ST Engineering Overseas Scholar Kan Zi Yang and ST Engineering-SgIS Scholar Amos Chia to find out more about why they chose to join ST Engineering and how their respective scholarships have enriched their lives.

A Calling for Engineering

The passion for engineering is something that is ingrained in certain people, as is the case for both these scholars.

Zi Yang’s decision to take up a scholarship with ST Engineering was driven by a mix of self-gratification and selflessness. He says, “I had always been passionate about mathematics and science, plus I also wanted to do some good in the world – and that made engineering perfect for me. Mathematics and science-based? Check. Work that provides solutions to people’s problems? Check. It was a combination of doing what I am good at while contributing to society.”

For Amos, it was his interest in problem-solving that led to his career choice. He tells us, “Even at a very young age, I possessed an inquisitive mind and loved to question the world around me. As I grew older, I discovered that engineering could equip me with the relevant knowledge to solve a wide variety of problems.”

Wanting to make as big of an impact as he can with his problem solving skills, Amos felt that ST Engineering was where he had to be. “ST Engineering is well-positioned in Singapore to lead the enhancement of the local Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) capabilities to solve today’s global problems. Coupled with the knowledge of design and development I picked up from university, I aim to play a key role applying my passion in human-centric design and engineering to the local engineering industry,” he exclaims.

Kan Zi Yang

Kan Zi Yang 
ST Engineering Overseas Scholar

Engineer, ST Kinetics

"It is extremely important to like the work you do, so seek opportunities to have hands-on experience in the field."

Opportunities Abound

To help employees achieve optimal performance at work, ST Engineering believes in continually investing in their growth. As an ST Engineering Scholar, Zi Yang has personally benefited from this organisational mindset. He tells us, “My primary responsibility as a Software Engineer is to write codes and produce software to be used in the various systems. This requires you to be flexible and be able understand the needs of the end user.

“ST Engineering allowed me to do a semester of summer school at the University of California, Berkeley. Taking lessons there provided a different approach to learning Computer Science than at my home campus, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. This allowed me to appreciate the pros and cons of both approaches, and greatly influenced the way I look at things when I do my job now.”

Amos has his fair share of support from ST Engineering as well, with the most memorable being the opportunity to meet and work under his internship mentor. He recalls, “He was invited to present his innovative work during the Singapore Airshow in 2014. His creativity and inquisitive mindset in using the Fibre Bragg Grating technology to create highly reliable sensors used for security and surveillance simply inspired me. I immediately applied to work under his mentorship, and to my surprise he accepted!

“Working under him, I was tasked with three simultaneous projects that encompassed different aspects of surveillance such as vision and radar systems. Through this experience, I gained deeper insight into the commercial market and product development cycles.”

Currently a full-fledged Engineer at ST Electronics, Amos feels that his learning experience has not stopped. “Engineers at ST Electronics take on a multitude of roles depending on project needs, so we are required to continually look into upgrading our skills. In my time here, I had my hands in mechanical design and fabrication, electrical and power systems development, Electro-Optical systems for surveillance and tracking purposes, and radio frequency fields.”

Chia Zong Hong Amos

Chia Zong Hong Amos 
ST Engineering-SgIS Scholar

Engineer, ST Electronics

"ST Engineering places a huge emphasis on employees’ personal and career development by sponsoring a plethora of relevant courses for constant upskilling."

Words of Wisdom

Wrapping up the interview with BrightSparks, the scholars took the opportunity to dispense some useful advice for prospective ST Engineering scholars. Zi Yang advises, “It is extremely important to like the work you do, so seek opportunities to have hands-on experience in the field. Reading up online is fine and dandy, but nothing beats actually doing the work or seeing someone do it.

“Internships, attachments, and job shadows will all be invaluable. It was through a short attachment at ST Kinetics that I realised that my initial choice of study in Materials Science was not for me. That eventually led me to Computer Science, and I have not regretted it since.”

Amos adds, “Choose a career where your interest lies, but note that factors that fuel your passion include working culture, job scope, and career advancement opportunities. Talk to people at scholarship and career fairs, and industry talks to get a well-balanced view of the organisation. ST Engineering places a huge emphasis on employees’ personal and career development by sponsoring a plethora of relevant courses for constant upskilling, so take that into consideration.”