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Calibrating New Altitudes

Changi Airport Group
A scholarship with Changi Airport Group opens up a world of opportunities. Two scholars share their experience being part of a world-class aviation icon.

The level of adeptness and service has amazed any passenger who has travelled through Changi Airport. Every visit to the airport is transformed into a journey of new discoveries. From the enthralling Kinetic Rain to the massive seasonal displays, Changi Airport continues to be an outstanding aeronautical hub in the world.

It was during Tan Yu Jun's Junior College days that he first knew of Changi Airport Group (CAG), the manager and operator of Changi Airport. Wanting to be part of the top-notch corporation, Yu Jun applied for the CAG Overseas Undergraduate Scholarship.

Beyond just the academic and financial support that the CAG Overseas Undergraduate Scholarship provides, Yu Jun feels that a career with the organisation would allow him to make an impact on people and contribute to Singapore.

"My work would impact not just Singaporeans, but also a wider international audience. As the first and last contact point for travellers, their experience at Changi Airport would leave a lasting impression during their visit to Singapore. I wanted to be a part of the company that contributes to shaping that experience," says Yu Jun.

Ensuring Growth

His scholarship paved the way for him to pursue an Economics degree at the University of Warwick. As a current student there, Yu Jun has been provided with the opportunity to interact with high-calibre students of diverse backgrounds.

"Living and studying overseas has made me a much more mature, independent, and adaptable person," he adds. "I had to learn to sort out all of my personal affairs which include utilities and rental payments, as I lived off-campus after my freshman year, all while getting used to a new way of life." Yu Jun also had the opportunity to undergo multiple internship stints at CAG as an undergraduate, which gave him a deeper understanding of Changi Airport's operations. CAG has also strongly supported the scholar's application for a Master's degree in management, boosting both his professional and personal development.

Fellow CAG Overseas Undergraduate Scholar, Juliet Fu, who is now a Senior Associate with the Airside Concessions Division in CAG, had her heart set on the aviation industry, seeing that it engages international travellers on a daily basis. It was the opportunity to gain industry exposure on an international scale that drew her to CAG.

Juliet's internships were with CAG's Airport Management and Air Hub clusters, both of which gave her insights into the organisation's key functions. CAG had also sponsored her summer school programme in Hong Kong and Shanghai, where she was exposed to business practices in China and networked with people from all over the world.

Tan Yu Jun

Tan Yu Jun  CAG Overseas Undergraduate Scholar

Economics student at University of Warwick, UK

"As the first and last contact point for travellers, their experience at Changi Airport would leave a lasting impression during their visit to Singapore."

The CAG Culture

Just three months into her journey at CAG, Juliet has had the opportunity to participate in multiple exciting projects – including her first overseas business trip to China. However, this also meant that she had a steep learning curve. "There is no room to rest on my laurels, as I am presented with new problems to solve and projects to undertake regularly. This can be challenging, but also fulfilling in the context of my overall development as a professional. I appreciate being given the opportunities to grow, especially now when I am young, energetic and full of excitement for my career ahead," shares Juliet.

She appreciates CAG's culture, which provides for a strong support system for new staff, and advocates a 'work hard, play hard' spirit among employees. She quips, "CAG takes care of new staff by ensuring that you have a buddy to help ease you into the work environment. My cluster even has a mentorship programme where mentors support the junior employees by sharing advice throughout our career journey." Besides that, Juliet also shares that she has just returned from an exciting cluster retreat in Ho Chi Minh City, and is currently preparing for her division's team-bonding activity!

Juliet Fu Liyuan

Juliet Fu Liyuan 
CAG Overseas Undergraduate Scholar

Senior Associate, Airside Concessions

"CAG takes care of new staff by ensuring that you have a buddy to help ease you into the work environment."

Words to Go By

Both scholars believe that applying for a scholarship solely for its prestige is to take a short-term perspective. They recognise the importance of getting to know the organisation by doing research and speaking to its current employees. To ensure a good fit in the long-term, it is also important that one identifies with the organisation's values and feels passionate about its mission. A genuine passion to contribute to a world-class organisation and going the extra mile to reach service excellence is essential too.

"As a customer-centric organisation, customers are our priority and we strive to push boundaries and challenge the status quo, creating a unique and unforgettable Changi Experience for our passengers," says Yu Jun, adding that this helps him envision building a long-term career with CAG.