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The Economic Development Board (EDB) is always on the vanguard of developmental opportunities, pushing limits and driving innovation in order to advance Singapore's economy.

With the goal of generating sustainable growth for Singapore and creating job opportunities, EDB continually works to develop new facets of evolution in our economy.

Technology is one of the aspects that EDB has dedicated its efforts to – actively participating in the local tech industry, shaping and transforming an already advanced sector into something even better.

To educate us more about EDB's efforts in growing the tech industry in Singapore, we speak to Timothy Toh, recipient of the EDB Scholarship and Senior Officer at EDB's Infocomms & Media (ICM) Division. He tells us about his reasons for joining the organisation and his role in EDB.

Making the Smart Decision

Even as a young adult, Timothy had big plans for his life. Wanting to make a difference, he felt that joining EDB was the way to achieve this goal. He recalls, "What attracted me about the EDB Scholarship was the opportunity to be part of something bigger than myself. EDB was founded before Singapore's independence, and has been the constant force fighting to create a place for tiny Singapore on the global stage. I wanted to be part of this story, pushing the boundaries of possibility."

"As a pragmatic kid, I recognised that whatever scholarship I took up would define the work that I do for the first few years of my career. Thus I focused my scholarship selection on the type of work that I wanted to do right after graduation. There were just so many possibilities that an EDB career provided. Also, I was excited about the responsibility that the organisation gives its officers for diverse business models, direct client engagement with middle and senior management in the industry, and a wide range of geographies," adds Timothy.

More Than Just a Job

EDB checked a lot of boxes in Timothy's head, appealing to his sense of logic. But what sealed the deal for him was a more emotional connection. He explains, "EDB's culture helped a lot in making my decision. The EDB officers I met during networking sessions were sharp, confident, and full of energy, and I wanted work with people like them."

He goes on to add, "When I look around at my colleagues, I see that EDB really does attract a unique subset of people. These are ambitious, creative, highly competent individuals who can easily make it in the private sector. So why do they choose to stay at EDB? To them, it is not just about clocking in the hours – it is about creating jobs that make a real difference in everyday people's lives in ways they can feel and see. They are here because they choose to be – often because they have been blessed by the opportunities Singapore created for them and because they want to pay it forward. This combination of personal drive and service to a greater good uniquely defines EDB."

Timothy Toh

Timothy Toh 
EDB Scholarship

Senior Officer (Infocomms & Media)

"EDB was founded before Singapore's independence, and has been the constant force fighting to create a place for tiny Singapore on the global stage. I wanted to be part of this story, pushing the boundaries of possibility."

Pushing the Boundaries

Currently holding the position of Senior Officer in EDB's ICM Division, Timothy contributes by assisting in the growth of Singapore's technology sector. Going into detail, he tells us, "My day-to-day work involves engaging telecoms and network equipment companies in order to understand their businesses and help them build a strategy for growth in Asia that results in a win-win for them and for Singaporeans. Because tech companies require specialised digital infrastructure in order to operate, such as the ubiquitous submarine cables and data centres invisible to most consumers, I also work closely with other government agencies like the Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore and JTC Corporation to ensure Singapore's infrastructure remains at the global cutting edge."

Playing a direct role in advancing the technological landscape of Singapore, Timothy cannot help but feel proud of his work. "Tech is one Singapore's great new frontiers, creating opportunities for aspiring young people to build their own start-ups, and creating new pathways for those in the middle of their careers. Singapore is well-positioned to be the digital capital of Asia, and I'm proud to be part of the team that makes this possible. Team ICM helps multinational companies like Google make Singapore their home base in Asia, and helps our home-grown companies like SingTel stand tall amongst the technological titans of the world," he asserts.

Spurring Innovation and Evolution

To Timothy, there has never been a dull moment in his entire career with EDB. Every day has been filled with new experiences and exciting challenges for him to take on. "EDB is at a unique point in its history. The objectives of our work and the means needed to achieve them have never been more complex. As an economy, we have to help companies see Singapore as a place to create new ideas and new businesses. This requires new mindsets, resources, partnerships, and processes, and EDB is evolving rapidly to build these well," says Timothy.

With all that has been said, it seems that EDB is the place to be for people who have the desire to spearhead the nation into a new era. Timothy concludes the interview by calling for all who have this drive to join him at EDB, saying, "Against this evolution, expect to be actively involved in shaping a new EDB and the future of Singaporeans when you join us."