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Helping to Solve Tomorrow’s Challenges

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Sembcorp scholars Daxino and Fauzy tell us how they are ensuring a sustainable future for Singapore.

In recent decades, there has been an increase in consciousness about the importance of leaving future generations with a sustainable world – one that will provide them with at least a comparable set of opportunities to those we currently enjoy. To that end, Singapore constantly creates new solutions to balance rapid urbanisation with environmental concerns and resource scarcity.

Sembcorp has a significant part to play in these solutions. It facilitates high-efficiency, low-emission and renewable energy production. The company also develops total water and wastewater solutions and advocates eco-friendly urban developments. While these efforts help to manage the impact of globalisation on the environment, they also boost the growth of industries and improve the quality of life for communities.

Today, two Sembcorp scholars share how they have a hand in Sembcorp’s operations and, in effect, help to contribute to a sustainable future for tomorrow’s generation.

Lim Chee Yong Daxino

Lim Chee Yong Daxino 
Sembcorp Scholar

Executive, Fleet Management Department

“Rotation across various departments will allow me to better understand the entire business. I certainly look forward to contributing to the esteemed organisation on a bigger scale.”

Taking on New Challenges

Daxino Lim is currently in the Fleet Management department under Sembcorp’s Solid Waste Management business unit. His two key responsibilities are vehicles management and optimisation projects management. More specifically, he ensures that heavily reliant vehicles are well-managed and he takes charge of numerous projects aimed at having a positive impact on the department’s chain operations.

As his role requires him to execute heavy coordination work, one of his challenges is to understand the concerns of each unique stakeholder. “I always believe that putting myself in my stakeholders’ shoes will allow me to react in a way that is in the best interests of everyone. The right reaction will foster a better interpersonal relationship which, in turn, will improve work efficiency and productivity,” he shares.

Fellow Sembcorp Scholar Muhammad Fauzy is a Process Engineer with the Power Utilities Operations. He monitors the production and consumption of utilities provided to customers in Jurong Island and responds to customers’ queries and concerns. “I would say that the most exciting part is when I am able to put my troubleshooting skills to the test as and when required,” he tells us of his role.

Fauzy admits that it was daunting for a freshly-minted officer to handle customers and the issues they had initially. He shares candidly, “Starting out was challenging because I did not have any prior experience in the customer service field! However, as I progressed through the months, I picked up valuable skills from my colleagues and saw a distinct improvement in the way I solved difficult cases.”

It is evident that both Daxino and Fauzy see their work challenges as valuable learning opportunities. With their positive attitude, they are also able to see greater meaning in their day-to-day tasks and experiences.

Muhammad Fauzy Bin Hasbollah

Muhammad Fauzy Bin Hasbollah 
Sembcorp Scholar

Engineer, Power Utilities Operations

“As I progress through the company, I would like to play a significant part in delivering solutions to support this fast-growing industry.”

Experiencing Endless Opportunities

Daxino shares that one of his most memorable career episodes was his visit to Sembcorp’s different plants. “The experience certainly helped to widen my perspective of the solid waste management industry. Never would I have imagined that someday I would be on a refuse truck! Although this was a one-of-a-kind experience for me, being on the refuse truck is actually the livelihood of many. It struck me so hard that many around me are truly unsung warriors who have made our nation one of the cleanest countries in the world,” he muses.

The Sembcorp encounter that struck Fauzy the most is of a different nature from Daxino’s. Fauzy was part of the organising committee for the annual Sembcorp Family Day 2016 held at Universal Studios Singapore (USS). He recounts thoughtfully, “After all the hard work put into the programme planning and preparation, it was very satisfying to see that the event turned out successfully. At that moment, I felt very proud to be part of a company that puts in the effort to ensure the well-being of every employee.”

Apart from such company-wide events that promote togetherness, the culture at Sembcorp is also something Fauzy appreciates. “Everyone works closely and supports each other. There is also mutual respect and understanding within the workplace. In fact, prior to entering the workforce, the senior scholars at Sembcorp shared in detail about their working experiences which provided a deeper insight to the working world,” he notes.

Dedicated to Serve

Daxino and Fauzy have only been with Sembcorp for less than six months, but they have already gained a number of unique experiences and are confident that there are more to look forward to. For Daxino, he awaits his rotation to other departments and functions. “Rotation across various departments will allow me to better understand the entire business. I certainly look forward to contributing to the esteemed organisation on a bigger scale,” he tells us.

As for Fauzy, he hopes to continue doing what he joined Sembcorp for – to serve its unique and noble purpose. He concludes humbly, “As I progress through the company, I would like to play a significant part in delivering solutions to support this fast-growing industry. I hope to also embark on future engineering projects and address some of the world’s most challenging problems.”