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Why You Should Not Miss the BrightSparks Scholarship and Higher Education Fair According to the recent BrightSparks Scholarship and Higher Education (HE) survey, scholarship-related events such as workshops and talks are where your seniors discovered their preferred scholarships. It is, after all, the most straightforward way to learn about the various scholarship options available.

But there is more to scholarship events than just workshops and talks. The BrightSparks team wants to do more than simply align supply with demand this year - and give you more than what you and your peers have asked for. This is why we're bringing together some of your favourite scholarship and HE providers at the inaugural BrightSparks Scholarship and Higher Education Fair!

Happening on the 24th of October, the fair would be guided by a full-day comprehensive programme and packed with scholarship discussions among you, your parents, and your scholarship providers of choice. Here's why you shouldn't miss it.

Interact with Scholarship Providers

No one would know about the specifics of scholarships better than the providers themselves. This makes the opportunity to interact with them directly extremely valuable.

The fair would be your chance to ask all you want about what they look for in a scholar, what a career in their organisation would entail, and the scholarship eligibility requirements. A knowledge of these serves as a guideline for a better conduct at future scholarship interviews, and also allows you to establish clear 'A' Level goals.

Reflects Your Attitude

Your attendance alone would speak volumes about your eagerness for a scholarship. This is a trait scholarship providers look for in their scholars, in addition to dedication and commitment. The fact that you've made the BrightSparks Fair a priority reflects your resolution to work towards your goals diligently.

All employers - scholarship provider or not - would want their employees to be reliable individuals. Doing something half-right would have more dire implications than not doing it at all. So if you have made it a point to attend the fair, arrive punctually and in polished form!

Attend Insightful Seminars

Incorporated into the programme are seminars conducted by various scholarship and HE providers. These speakers bring a wealth of scholarship and education knowledge to the table. They would give you an overview of their popular scholarships/courses and those you have yet to discover, as well as expand your realm of knowledge considerably.

If you're an aspiring scholar, the information gained at these seminars would also be beneficial for your future scholarship interview. A mention of what you've learnt at the seminar would portray your deliberate effort to consider and mull over the speakers' words. You'd be able to impress your panel of judges by your desire to be kept abreast of scholarship information and ability to recall vital information from the presentation. It would thus make good sense to bring along a pen and notebook to jot down key pointers presented!

All in all, if you are an aspiring scholar, there's no reason why you shouldn't be at the fair. Set aside one afternoon for a worthy activity and capture this chance to hear from those who might ultimately be awarding you your desired scholarship.
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