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Why You Should Attend BrightSparks Virtual Fair 2021

If you’ve just gotten your A-levels results and have no idea where to go next, we have the place for you: BrightSparks Virtual Fair 2021! Get up close and personal with representatives from sponsoring organisations and institutes of higher learning (IHLs), attend webinars that may just introduce you to your dream career, and participate in fun giveaways too!

(The fun is mandatory, by the way. See the post here!)

“But what’s in it for ME?” you wonder. Why should you give up your comfy, cozy weekend to listen to DSTA’s scholarship presentation at 10am in the morning? And then stay all the way until 4:45pm, when OCBC has finished introducing itself?

The answer is simple: It’s the chance to have your dreams come true.

Firstly, the online webinars will introduce you to organisations and what they expect in their scholars. We encourage graduates to attend as many webinars as they can, as you never know what might interest you.

Also, many organisations have noted that in light of the pandemic, they’ve shifted their priorities in what makes scholar-worthy material. So listen in and pick up those important pointers on what to highlight on your application!

Remember that all webinars require you to sign up to attend, so we recommend registering early and securing your place as soon as possible. Based on last year, some webinars fill up very fast!

Secondly, you can slip into an organisation’s virtual booth to chat with representatives and get your questions answered. This is a rare opportunity to get personalised, one-on-one advice about your potential career with a sponsoring organisation, or what degree programme would suit you at university.

And same as above, why not have a chat with whichever organisation has a free slot? You might just come across your calling!

Representatives at such events are often prepared to speak to potential scholars like you, and will provide the best possible answers to your questions. Far more reliable than attempting to email an organisation out of the blue, or calling the hotline! You’ll come out of these chats with a clear view of what an organisation can do for you, and where you might want to go with them.

Speaking of a clear view about yourself and your future, we come to the third benefit: personalised educational counselling. Firstly, stop by Singapore University of Social Science’s booth or attend the Singapore Institute of Technology webinar to get an idea of courses and programmes on offer.

And there’s a cherry on top – what fair would be complete without prizes to be won? Prizes include an Apple Watch SE, $500 SecretLab voucher, Pantronics Blackbeat Pro 5100 and other exciting goodies! May the biggest dreamer win!

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