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Why You Should Attend BrightSparks Virtual Fair

Thu, 10/07/2021 Zhou Mei An
Why You Should Attend BrightSparks Virtual Fair

Whether you are a fresh graduate, jobseeker or just someone looking to get an idea of your next move, you should definitely SIGN UP NOW for BrightSparks Virtual Fair 2021!

Why? Let’s be frank: the employment market is shifting rapidly, there’s a lot of competition for jobs and education, and upskilling/relearning is a must-have rather than an add-on.

In this stormy climate, a scholarship is a surefire method to securing your future no matter what point of life you are at. Your education will be sponsored and you will have a job guarantee when you enter the working world. While in the past those were limitations on how far you could explore, today they are a good proposition that confirms your career stability in these challenging times.

BSP Virtual Fair introduces you to over premier scholarship providers and universities all looking for new talent to groom. As they will each have a virtual booth of their own, we encourage you to “shop around” and stop by each one to ask questions and pick up all sorts of downloadable info like brochures and even videos. And yes, our scholarship providers often have options for those with work experience or postgrad dreams as well.

Universities like SUSS and SIT will also have their spaces, so be sure to stop by to learn about their degree programmes. (And they offer scholarships too!)

But when we say “shop around” we don’t mean “window shop”! One of the highlights of BSP Fair is the opportunity to speak to organisation reps in real-time, so you can get all your questions answered immediately. Make the most of this opportunity! Representatives at such events are often prepped for such events, and thus, have the important answers ready.

What if you can’t think of anything to ask? Don’t worry, start with:

1.     Can you introduce me to your organisation?

2.     Can you describe your scholarship offerings to me?

3.     What sort of career progression can you offer?

4.     What are the advantages of your scholarship?

Any of these starter questions can get the ball rolling, and give you an idea of what you want to know more about. (Hint: Booth interaction is so important, we’ve built our whole giveaway on it! Details here.)

Another big draw is our webinars, which will introduce you to organisations and what they expect in their scholars. We encourage you to attend as many webinars as they can, for the same reason as above – they give you a good bird’s eye look at an organisation. Then, you can visit the booth for more specific information.

Lastly, be sure to stop by Crimson Education’s booth and webinar. We’ve highlighted them because they are not a university or a sponsoring organisation but an educational consultant. In fact, Crimson Education is Singapore’s most successful US/UK university admissions support consultancy. So, get some personalised advice from a US or UK university expert on your path to a dream school at the BrightSparks Virtual Fair 2020!

Oops, we nearly forgot about prizes… This Fair’s giveaway is a little different. The earlier you sign up, the more chances you have to win our Grand Prize, a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G. But if you’re late to the party don’t despair, there are other goodies up for grabs like $50 Starbucks e-Cards, and a Wireless Mobile Phone Charger! (Check the FAQ page for how to win these goodies!)


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