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When Mid is More

Fri, 10/25/2019 Ong Cheow Eng
When Mid is More

Mid-term scholarships, as its name would suggest, are given to students in the middle of their undergraduate term. Why not go for the jugular in the first place? Here are a few reasons why a mid-term scholarship is more viable.

It buys you time

You are fresh out of school, which means that it is natural not to know what you want exactly in your life and your career. If you need more time to figure out where your passion and work interests lie, then a mid-term scholarship may be more suited for you.

You may come to a realisation of your strengths or develop a passion toward a particular industry after a few semesters in university. At this juncture, taking up a mid-term scholarship will make plenty of sense.

It is shorter and potentially sweeter 

Mid-term scholarships typically bond you for two to three years whereas a full-term one locks you in for four to six years. In other words, you’ll enjoy more freedom of professional movement with a mid-term scholarship, at the cost of career stability. Whether this will work is all up to you.

It gives late bloomers a second chance

The nature of mid-term scholarships naturally gives late bloomers another chance at a scholarship. Some students blossom later than others and did not do well enough in their GCE ‘A’ Levels or polytechnic to qualify for a full-term scholarship; a mid-term one will solve that.

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