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Start Exploring Scholarship Options Now

Wed, 10/05/2016 Deanna Bonaparte
Start Exploring Scholarship Options Now Many students make the mistake of flipping through the BrightSparks magazine only after their ‘A’ Level results in search of their preferred scholarship provider. However, a frenzied search during this period is more often than not unwise. Since many scholarship providers have short application cycles of about 10-14 days after the ‘A’ Level results release, your time to deliberate over your options will be considerably limited.

This is why it is important to start your research early (now is a good time to start if you have not done so already). Have an awareness of the scholarship providers from Singapore’s range of industries and know your scholarship options. Below are some scholarship aspects on which you need to conduct ample research!

Your Future Career

A scholarship choice is essentially a career choice. The decision you make at 18 is going to affect the most part of your 20s. This is why it is important to understand your future job scope, the objective of the unit or department you will be serving, and the nature of projects you will be seeing to. While you may not know the details down to a T, you can derive essential insights from your seniors, people you know who belong to the organisation or industry, or scholars featured in the BrightSparks magazine!

Developmental Opportunities

These include internships, workshops and other opportunities to widen your exposure. PA scholar Valencia Wong’s internship at the South West Community Development Council (CDC) gave her the chance to plan and propose the Emergency Relief Fund scheme to the Mayor. IE Singapore scholar Kate Lim’s mini MBA crash course she attended as a fresh graduate was beneficial especially for someone with a non-business background. ST Engineering scholar Tiang Yan Ming speaks insightfully about his internship, saying, “(It) gave me an idea of what my job would be like in the future.”

As an aspiring scholar, find out about the developmental opportunities you will be given throughout your undergraduate and career journey. This may help you weigh your scholarship options better. You may even initiate a conversation on the BrightSparks forum to find out what you can expect!

Your Education

Many scholarship providers require scholars to choose from a list of courses to pursue in university. This might feel limiting especially if you have already set your sights on a particular course of study. However, consider that the objective of your degree is to enhance your knowledge in your future field of work. Most universities give students the opportunity to enrol into cross-faculty modules during their school term, possibly allowing them the chance to study a subject they have long been interested in.

Find out about the unique programmes that you will have easier access to as a scholar. Nanyang Scholar Jovian Ang shares that “Nanyang Scholars are given opportunities to network with other scholars through activities such as a Scholars Orientation Camp, and are invited to attend Eminent Speaker Series Talks”. Fellow Nanyang Scholar Elysia Tan also highlights, “We are given priority when it comes to allocation for exchange programmes! We are also assured the successful admission to a hall of residence.” Benefits vary between universities and between scholarships, so find out what you are entitled to as a holder of any particular scholarship.

At the end of the day, a scholarship comes with a range of benefits which contribute to an enriching learning experience. If you are interested in a particular scholarship, find out how you can benefit from the opportunities given and how you can maximise your talent with those opportunities. All the best in your scholarship search!

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