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Why Scholarship Providers Shouldn’t Engage Only Top Scorers Good test results are not the only yardstick of achievement. In spite of this, many scholarship providers determine students’ suitability for a certain scholarship programme chiefly by their ‘A’ Levels preliminary and actual results.

These scholarship providers then make efforts to reach out to students with impressive scores, engage that select few and directly present them with the prospect of a scholarship. But what about students whose talents do not lie solely on the ground of academia? What about students who are not from top-notch Junior Colleges (JCs) but are still armoured with technical skillsets gained from their polytechnic practicum?

Level of Commitment

Stellar results are in no way indicative of a high level of commitment. There is no guarantee that the commitment of a top scholar to a scholarship provider is any steadier than that of a B-grade student. Furthermore, for a B-grade student who has never been exposed to glorious recognition or been thrust into the limelight, he/she is likely to possess the willingness to learn, of which a great sense of humility produces an effect.

Commitment is the common value that scholarship providers across the board place a heavy emphasis on. This is why scholarships feature a bond to counter the effect of scholars dislodging themselves from the chain of commitment. However, many scholars still manage to slip through their scholarship provider’s fingers and break their bonds when times at work get trying.

For B-grade students, within whom the willingness to learn is found, they have probably experienced the gloom of falling short of their A-grade counterparts and learnt how to aim at something of higher value. Their resolve and firm adherence to their purpose will remain unshakeable even in the face of trying times. The gratitude towards their scholarship provider for giving them an opportunity in spite of not being the cream of the crop also ensures that they do not breed thoughts of breaking their bond or leaving the company.

Building a Talent Network

Just like how companies allow active and passive jobseekers to join their Talent Network so as to engage a wider pool of talent, scholarship providers should also reach out to a wider student population to increase their chances of grooming not just a top scorer, but a quality scholar.

They should make an increased effort in reaching out to students who are not from elite schools or among the top tier of their cohort. When a certain scholarship with attractive benefits piques a capable student’s interest, he/she will be motivated to go the extra mile to secure the scholarship. This capable student with ambition and the drive to achieve success may not necessarily be among the top scorers. His/her enthusiasm to become a scholar is the fount of his/her eagerness to journey with and commit to his/her future company.

Granted, while results are the most identifiable indicators of a person’s intellect and thus his/her success in the workplace, scholarship providers should also reach out to students from the polytechnics and the JCs whose academic excellence are not raved about often. After all, the one with the most heart to serve his fellow citizens and the one with the best ideas to steer growth in the company may not always be among the smartest or the top scorers.
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