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Mid-Term Scholarship Benefits

Fri, 10/22/2021 Zhou Mei An
Mid-Term Scholarship Benefits

So you’re in university, studying away, when the BrightSparks EDM pops up in your mailbox. As usual, it advertises an array of sponsorships and study awards, with an advertisement or two added in. And as usual, you move to delete it…

Wait, stop!

Don’t delete that mail! You’ll be missing out on a unique opportunity available only to university students – the Mid-Term Scholarship.

These are scholarships open to those who are in university (any year before your final year applies) which sponsor the remainder of your degree. If you are a first year student, imagine: you would essentially only need to pay one semester for a whole Bachelor’s!

So why should you consider the Mid-Term options? Let us list the reasons:


Allows Exploration

The shorter bond period facilitates industry or career switching.

Being in something for too long can make it really difficult for most people to move on. With a Mid-Term Scholarship, you can finish your bond quicker and get to other interests if you wish to.


Big Decisions Take Time

Some people only discover their passion after having “tasted” it during their university studies. If that’s you, the Mid-Term scholarship is a good option to consider. Singapore Sustainability Scholar Annabel Seah only joined NEA in her second year of university, when she was very sure of her decision.

Tip: If you are interested in a particular organisation but not sure if you can do the long haul, sign up for an internship with them during your summer break. Then, if you feel good about the company or agency after working with them, you can try for their Mid-Term option to show your desire to stay the course.


Another Shot at Scholarship

Got rejected because of a bad interview? Missed the deadline? Changed your mind about scholarships?

Mid-Term Scholarships give you a second chance – so make use of it!

There’s no rule that just because you failed once, you will fail again. All scholarship applications are assessed individually, so your previous application will definitely not count against you. (In fact, it may be a plus as you know how to better prepare.) Case in point: Oh Keng Song, MCI Information Service (Translation) Mid-Term Scholar, applied for the scholarship both after A-Levels and at the Mid-Term mark… and succeeded the second time around.


Have we convinced you to give Mid-Term Scholarships a shot? Apply now!

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