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How to Appeal After a Rejected Scholarship Application

Tue, 08/11/2015 Deanna Bonaparte
How to Appeal After a Rejected Scholarship Application We've talked about why you should appeal after a rejected scholarship application. In this post, we will give our suggestions on how to go about doing so.

Scholarship providers have piles of scholarship applications at their desk, and numerous rounds of interviews to sit for. One can imagine the unique frustration of being spoilt for choice when there are so many bright-eyed applicants with impressive credentials. It is worth noting that a successful applicant may differ from an unsuccessful one by one possibly insignificant differentiator.

Give Yourself another Chance

It is only natural to feel devastated after a rejected application. However, it will be worth your time to give your application a second shot given the irrefutable benefits of a scholarship.

You can conduct your second try during the next scholarship application cycle - and the time frame of a cycle varies between scholarship providers. Some scholarship providers have an all-year round application cycle, which means you can re-apply for a scholarship as soon as you hear of your unsuccessful application. On the other hand, the time period of other scholarship providers' application cycles are more limited, only allowing you to make a second application a year later.

Write an Appeal Letter

While it is recommended that the next application cycle would be the time you attempt your second try, it also wouldn't hurt to submit an appeal letter to the scholarship provider directly.

In your letter, reiterate that you are trying to apply for the scholarship a second time. Make them aware that you are not one to give up after a failed attempt, and are more eager than ever to receive the scholarship in question. Apart from your determination to reach your goals, this will also speak volumes about your courageous, indefatigable spirit.

What Should You Do?

With that said, not all scholarship providers will take a look at appeal letters. This should not stop you in your tracks, given that you have already decided to give your all for a second time. After all, there are some scholarship providers who do decide to expand their talent pool and will value the confident letter from you.

In your letter, don't forget to include these things:
  • A mention that this is your second try, and that you are determined to try securing the scholarship again.
  • Why you really want the scholarship. Tell them how the scholarship will help you meet your goals, in terms of both your education and your future career.
  • Why you believe it is necessary to support the organisation's mission and values.
  • The qualities a scholar of the organisation must possess, and how you are aware of and embody these qualities.
All in all, it is important to allow your humility and sincerity to shine through in your letter, or in your interview if you are given a second chance. And if, in the end, you do not secure the scholarship of your dreams, don't be disheartened - work towards your career goal anyway. You can always do well in university and clinch a college scholarship, one that comes with no bond and essential financial support. There are many paths towards your end-goal and you should never put out the fire of your hope.
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