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A Future in Fintech with SUSS

Fri, 03/11/2022 Ong Cheow Eng
A Future in Fintech with SUSS

Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) offers a comprehensive university education that leaves no stone unturned in any student’s quest for educational success.

In particular, the SUSS Bachelor of Science in Finance programme offers a curriculum that is relevant to the industry and is constantly evolving to meet the needs of a digital economy. Targeted at professionals in the financial sector seeking to upgrade their skills and enhance their career prospects, as well as professionals in other fields considering careers in finance, the programme is structured to help students develop the capability to think 'out of the box' and adapt to the challenges of a rapidly changing globalised marketplace.

The SUSS Difference

SUSS Scholar Bryan Lim highlighted these pertinent factors when he made the decision to enrol in the full-time undergraduate Finance programme. “SUSS’ emphasis on data and technology allows students to be equipped with the relevant skills for today’s data-driven economy.”

“For example, despite being finance students, we are required to take a Python module in Year 1. This shows SUSS’ commitment in preparing students for the ever-changing landscape and for us to be able to adapt in the changing financial landscape globally.”

When it comes to the adoption of future trends, SUSS is leading the way rather than following the crowd. For one, it recently unveiled the SUSS Node for Inclusive Fintech (NiFT), a "Centre of Excellence" to spearhead all FinTech initiatives at the university. A multi-disciplinary centre drawing on expertise from faculty members across SUSS’ five schools, SUSS NiFT – also known as SUSS Node – delivers high-quality research, public education, and policy advocacy for inclusivity in the Financial Technology sector and the benefit of society.

“With SUSS faculty, industry fellows and practitioners, the SUSS Node will serve as a catalyst for change, providing a nurturing environment for regional and international experts in this field to come together to analyse, exchange ideas, develop and recommend practical solutions to be implemented on the ground, in the areas of financial inclusion, sustainability and governance,” said Head of Finance Programme, Associate Professor Tan Chong Hui.

Thus, SUSS Finance students will experience a world-class financial education at the forefront of research, with the SUSS Node as a central hub for learning, information sharing and further discoveries.

Seminars, conferences, and workshops for SUSS students to learn Fintech related skills in the area of blockchain technologies, decentralised finance, cryptocurrency, metaverse, and e-payments will be available at the SUSS Node, providing practice-oriented approaches to offer thought leadership in the Fintech sector.

Technology for the Greater Good

Projects at the SUSS Node open new doors for learning.

The recently-unveiled Project SUNSHINE Living lab, provides live training and in-depth instruction in the areas of blockchain technologies, open banking and the building of inclusive digital infrastructure.

On the research front, the SUSS Metaverse Lab was established to study and investigate the combination of the physical and virtual world with a decentralised web that embodies sharing, contributory, and platform economies.

“The aim of SUSS Metaverse lab is to harness technology for the greater good,” continued Prof Tan. “SUSS NiFT is established to research and champion inclusivity issues with the expressed aim of meeting the United Nation’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. It will also conduct events and create publications for Inclusive Fintech and advise community partners.”

A Community-Centric Education at SUSS

The motive of SUSS NiFT is in line with the guiding principles of SUSS, practising sciences in the service of society. Its programmes place emerging issues in society at their core, and aim to foster a giving spirit and generous, community-oriented mindset in every student.

The term “Node” itself reflects this, as SUSS NiFT showcases the university’s dedication to inclusivity, subsidiarity, solidarity and contribution and represents the sharing of learning and knowledge between students, researchers, and professionals.

This cohesive spirit inspired Bryan to start the Fintech interest group in SUSS. “My inspiration came about when I was able to see the commitment from SUSS, where they had a team of academia who were working closely with industry players in the FinTech scene.”

“Starting this student group allows us to not only connect with students within our university, but other universities as well. This benefits us in many ways, allowing us to learn more from other peers and widen our horizons to the various perspectives that one has.”

In the interest of greater collaboration and community contribution, SUSS has also established itself as a strategic partner of Institute of Blockchain and a member of the British Blockchain Association. Through such partnerships, SUSS is able to engage blockchain experts for talks, develop or add value to existing FinTech courses, and even offer job opportunities to students.

Make your Mark with SUSS

In the evolving financial economy, SUSS has proactively recognised the growth of FinTech in this landscape and tailored its programmes to match.

Thus, SUSS Finance Graduates will be able to fill job roles that require either financial, technological or Fintech knowledge such as compliance officers for technological firms operating in the financial space, or jobs in the financial inclusion space that require an appreciation of how to deploy technology to solve financial problems across the spectrum of the populace. They can also further upgrade their knowledge by enrolling in SUSS’ Master of Finance programme to further deepen their knowledge of finance, financial technologies and financial innovations.

Bryan delivered a glowing endorsement of the SUSS Finance undergraduate programme and the future that awaits its graduates: “Coming to SUSS will equip you with skills beyond your educational journey, and to always have a heart for the community in whatever you do. With its self-directed learning approach, it allows you to think deeper on the various theories, allowing you to have a better understanding of the concepts.”

The future of finance is in Fintech, and there is no better place to start your journey in this field than at SUSS.

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