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In Pursuit of New Horizons

Wed, 03/18/2015 Deanna Bonaparte
In Pursuit of New Horizons Changi Airport is not only a place where travellers spend their hours before a flight sauntering across its retail space or relishing meals in its diverse eateries. It is also where families head to spend time together, couples enjoy the sight of planes take flight and students study in choice areas with their friends.

Manager of Airside Concessions Samantha Yuan would know – the Bachelor of Business Management graduate recalls the time she spent studying there. “I cultivated the habit of studying at Changi Airport prior to and during my ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level examinations. In fact, I have always been interested in the aviation industry since I was a child and take pride in it being one of Singapore’s key icons. The CAG scholarship allowed me to enter the industry and join the organisation that manages what many consider among the world’s best airports.”

Ensuring the Best for One of the World’s Best

Today, as part of the Airside Concession Operations team, Samantha ensures that the retail, food and beverage, and service concessionaries operate to high standards that are commensurate with Changi Airport’s international standing. She tells us, “My responsibilities include sales analysis, policy review, collaboration with tenants on sales initiatives and the monitoring of industry regulations.

“I am also part of the planning team for Terminal 4 that is slated for completion in 2017. Together, the team is working to design the configuration and layout of commercial facilities in the transit mall to provide an efficient and enjoyable experience for passengers and maximise sales potential for our retail partners.”

A Holistic Understanding

CAG has given Samantha the opportunity to conduct study trips to airports in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, UK, Germany and France. She was also privileged to attend industry conferences in Europe and Asia, such as the Tax Free World Association (TFWA) conference in Cannes, France. The conference allowed her to meet luxury brand principals to discuss potential collaborations for the coming year.

Although Samantha has gained a better understanding of the travel retail industry in the past five years, she tells us that it is only one aspect in the vast operation of airport management. She shares, “I look forward to learning more about the different aspects of airport management. My involvement in cross-functional projects such as the upgrading of Terminal 1 and the planning for Terminal 4 has offered me valuable insights into my colleagues’ work in other divisions.

“A lot of hard work goes into maintaining Changi Airport’s comfortable environment, operational efficiency and attractive amenities. You will require a genuine passion to help Changi Airport set the standard in operational efficiency and customer experience in order to overcome your challenges and excel here.”
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