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shaping singapore's workforce with ssg-wsg

Shaping Singapore's Workforce With SSG-WSG

Thu, 05/09/2024 BRIGHTSPARKS
Shaping Singapore's Workforce With SSG-WSG

The SSG-WSG Joint Undergraduate Scholarship, jointly offered by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) and Workforce Singapore (WSG), provides twice as many opportunities to learn, grow and develop your career. Scholars are offered the unique platform to leave their mark on the two statutory boards responsible for shaping and transforming Singapore’s learning and employment landscape.

Among them are Ang Tian Tian and Lee Gek Ching, both resolutely committed to empowering Singaporeans with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the dynamic job-skills landscape and adapt to rapid industry transformations.

Eager to make a tangible impact on Singapore's job-skills landscape as well? Apply for the SSG-WSG Joint Undergraduate Scholarship here and experience the best of both worlds, where you get to intern and work in both agencies. Play a part in shaping our workforce to stay competitive, relevant and future-ready!

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