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Scholarship Spotlight: Technology

Tue, 07/28/2020 Zhou Mei An
Scholarship Spotlight: Technology

The digital push is real, ongoing and definitely on the lookout for new talent. Singapore is constantly pushing itself to becoming a global-Asia node of technology, innovation, and enterprise, with an economy driven by innovation and digitalisation. This means technology development is in the spotlight – and scholarships supporting new talents are in focus as well.

It’s notable that the Covid-19 outbreak has increased demand in the technology sector rather than damage it. The Straits Times reported that services in the information and communications technology sector benefitted from circuit breaker restrictions amid the sudden surge in people working from home. IT solutions have been shown to be essential during this period, and demand for professionals in these areas is set to grow.

As technology is only getting bigger and more integrated in our lives, you might want to seize the day and focus your studies in this field. What benefits are there in technology scholarships and their related careers? Read on.

Many Offerings with Wide Focus

Technology is a broad label encompassing many different majors and fields. Hence, scholarships in the field are equally varied with different focuses. Be sure to research your prospective interests carefully before application, and never give up on finding a scholarship that may suit that specific area you want to go into!

You can try these offerings for size:

·        The DSTA Merit Scholarship focuses on defense technology. Those who take up this scholarship want to develop technology that protects our borders and safeguards our lives.

·        The Smart Nation Scholarship develops and nurtures technology talents and leaders who have a passion for applied technology in service of the public good.

·        Those wishing to go into Infocomm technology would benefit from the SG:D Scholarship which explores digital media, game development, security and networking, and mobile technology.

Don’t end your search there, though. Companies like Singtel and organisations like A*STAR sponsor technology-related studies as well, so be sure to thoroughly scan the BrightSparks portal.

A Fast-moving, Ever-changing Industry

Are you constantly on the move from challenge to challenge, seeking something new? Do you dread boring, repetitive desk work? If so, you are definitely suited to take up technological development as a career.

This industry is characterised by its fast-paced, dynamic nature. Successful scholars recalled that during their interviews, they were often quizzed on the latest news and asked to propose solutions to current problems. They were judged on the creativity of their ideas, their confidence in proposing them, and how excited they were to be at the forefront of discovery. 

When working at their sponsoring organisations, tech scholars often found themselves constantly confronting new tasks. Sometimes, they were given jobs that did not exist when they took up the scholarship (and in more than one case, the organisation name changed as well). Things move fast in tech – you are guaranteed to never be bored!

Career Flexibility

The scope of opportunity does not narrow when you enter your chosen organisation upon completion of your studies. It actually widens – tech scholarships tend to offer great career flexibility and actively work with their scholars to set them on a career path that suits their interest.

For example, the SG:D Scholars can serve their bond in an ICM-related job role in the organisation of choice ranging from Startups to SMEs to MNCs, in any industry from healthcare to finance to media. Our BrightSparks magazine feature for IMDA featured an aspiring Bachelor of Arts (majoring in English Literature and Art History) and a Business Solutions Manager at SAS Institute, two very different careers.

Also, technological progress is a must for any company in the current economy. This translates to a wealth of career choices in the sector, and as many developmental opportunities besides.

The Chance to Trailblaze

More than straightforward gains, many tech scholars are attracted to the promise of the industry – the chance to be the first in their area of specialisation. Technology is full of new frontiers just waiting to be explored, making tech scholars explorers and trailblazers searching for the next revolutionary idea.

Getting immersed in technology means a chance to invent, to create and to realise dreams into reality. For some, the very fact that they can be the first to discover a new solution or a game-changing code is enough for them to devote their lives to this field.


Those thinking of the tech should think of ways to get that tech – and a scholarship is a very good way to put yourself in the best position for technological development of both yourself and the world.

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