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Scholarship Spotlight: National Security

Thu, 08/19/2021 Zhou Mei An
Scholarship Spotlight: National Security

One of the largest scholarship providers is our Armed Forces, and the field of national defence – both external and internal – has even more to offer by way of sponsorships and awards.

To break it down, MINDEF Scholarship Centre offers: The SAF Scholarship, PSC Scholarship (Engineering), SAF Merit Scholarship, SAF Engineering Scholarship and Defence Merit Scholarship.

Those more homebound can look to offerings under the Home Team, which include The Singapore Police Force Scholarship (SPFS), Singapore Merit Scholarship (SMS), Singapore Government Scholarship (SGS), Local Merit Scholarship (LMS) and more.

And lastly, DSTA has specialised scholarships for those interested in the technological aspect of national defence.

But what unites this extensive list? Let us count the ways:

Making a Difference in Defence

SPF Scholars, Army Scholars, Navy Scholars… they all tell us the same thing: they were motivated by a powerful commitment to protecting our country in some way. A scholarship in these organisations guarantees you will be in a career making a difference, protecting Singapore itself.

And, you will never be in doubt of the value of your contributions. Unlike a career in town planning with HDB or design futures with DesignSingapore Council, the rewards of national security are immediate and obvious. After all, should you take up a uniformed scholarship, you will be aware of them every day the moment you set off to work!

Opportunities for Further Development

The Home Team and MINDEF are famous for providing their scholars support beyond a degree. Due to the nature of their work, scholars under their sponsorship often get extensive training, overseas opportunities, and, extensive support for Masters or postgraduate studies.

These organisations understand that defence is an ever-evolving field, and they want their scholars to be just as up-to-date. Hence, the educational prospects with our defence and national security sectors do not end when you begin your employment or deployment – speak to their HR and recruitment teams to tailor your career journey!

Never a Boring Day

Looking for something outside the 9-to-5? These scholarships are definitely some you should consider. After completing your degree – which is exciting in and of itself – you are guaranteed a job on the frontlines, where deadlines, expectations and developments are constantly in flux.

After all, police officers, Military Experts, or even Data Analysts for defence are some of the most exciting jobs out there! You are guaranteed not only a different every day, but the opportunity to be on the frontlines of development as well.

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