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Keep Yourself Organised and Interview-Ready with These 5 Tips

While some of us have found The One Scholarship Just For Me, it’s more likely that you’ve applied with multiple organisations. A certain course that they sponsor may have caught your eye, or you may be interested in the career prospects of another.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with applying to as many scholarships as you like! The problem is: how to keep yourself organised when the personal essays, interview requests and enrichment day schedules start coming in. The last thing you want to do is show up for an interview and realise it’s with a completely different organisation than the one you’ve prepped for!

Keep yourself organised with these 5 small tips:


1.     Use apps and reminders

We’re a Smart Nation, so be Smart about your interviews! Use calendar apps, reminders and alarms on your handphone, tablet, or laptop to keep yourself up-to-date. Past scholars have recommended OneNote, and even good ol’ Stickies on the laptop screen to make sure they don’t miss a thing.


2.     Have a Master Spreadsheet 

If you’ve applied to any more than three scholarships, we recommend firing up your Excel or Google Spreadsheets and getting all those dates, requirements, submission details and contact people into it. That way, you won’t get mixed up when emails start flooding your inbox, and you’ll know who it is that’s calling you on the phone to arrange an interview.


3.     Keep an “interview kit” for each organisation

Getting organised is all about having the right things in the right places… preferably before the mad scramble to the door. Keep separate folders with your “interview kits” at the ready for each scholarship you’ve applied for. By preparing these ahead of time, you can be thoughtful and selective about what you include in each kit. Tailor what testimonials, awards and certificates you bring to each organisation and its needs.


4.     Check the small things

Have an “interview outfit” at the ready alongside your interview kit. You may also wish to invest in a good business briefcase or bag that will go with the professional image you want to present. Depending on your comfort levels, you might want to practice a neutral makeup look or check which hairstyle sets you off best. All these things help with first impressions – and those are the most important!


5.     Go early and expect the unexpected!

All the preparation in the world can be undone by a simple mistake like forgetting a namecard or failing to remember an address. Set off early for your interviews, making sure to factor in ample time for traffic, breakdowns or any other delay. Keep your contact with the sponsoring organisation at the ready in case you need to let him/her know about sudden mishaps.


Now that you’ve gotten yourself organised, you’re ready for anything! Make an impression and score that scholarship!

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