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Scholarship News Bulletin (September 2020)

Fri, 10/02/2020 Zhou Mei An
Scholarship News Bulletin (September 2020)

Scholarship news last month included:

Universities cut senior leader’s pay and set up relief funds for students

Senior management at Singapore's six autonomous universities (AUs) have recently taken a pay cut in response to the adverse impact that Covid-19 has had on the economy. The institutions have also stepped up financial relief in the past few months by encouraging donations and setting up funds for students affected by the crisis.


Singaporeans eye host countries’ situation when deciding to return to study overseas

Singaporean students enrolled in overseas universities are adopting a wait-and-see approach in deciding if they should return to their host countries. There are about 19,000 Singapore students enrolled in universities in the United States, Britain and Australia, and a large number of them appear to be waiting for the Covid-19 situation to blow over. This is despite the Government's assurances that they will be covered with medical subsidies and insurance should they catch Covid-19.


Over half of recent SUTD graduates have secured jobs

53% of the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) graduating cohort this year have either secured jobs or will be working on their own start-ups, said the university. Another 20% plan to pursue graduate studies. The top hiring sectors include information and communication, business and management consultancy, finance and insurance, and research and development.


PSLE, O-, N-, and A-Levels to proceed as planned with special arrangements

The four national examinations - the PSLE, N levels, O levels and A levels – went on as scheduled from 14 September to 2 December, but with special arrangements made to ensure that students and invigilators remain safe from the Covid-19 virus. These special arrangements included arrangements for students on SHN or who had been confirmed to have the virus.


Australia trials opening borders to allow foreign students to return

Singaporean students are hoping that Australia will soon be able to open its border to allow them to return. With the country mostly in lockdown, lessons were moved online, and Singaporean students reported feeling a drop in quality of teaching.


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