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Education News Bulletin (February 2021)

Fri, 03/05/2021 Zhou Mei An
Education News Bulletin (February 2021)

Education news for the February 2021 included:


MOM to look at ways to introduce unemployed fresh graduates to new opportunities

Such opportunities may include the SGUnited Traineeships programme, which will be extended this year to help fresh and recent graduates gain experience while waiting for the jobs market to improve. Mrs Josephine Teo, Manpower Minister, urged fresh graduates to consider the benefits of a traineeship.

"It is not a dream job. The allowance is certainly nowhere near what you might be able to get with a salary and benefits," Mrs Teo said.

"But from the perspective of starting to build up, the perspective of starting to get some real-life skills, from the perspective of being able to say to the next prospective employers that 'I have been in this industry... this job role', these are actually very valuable things that you will not get without being in a traineeship."


More than 1 in 5 fresh graduates in temporary employment in 2020

As a proportion of the newly graduated workforce, fresh graduates from four local autonomous universities in temporary employment more than tripled from 7% in 2019 to 22.3% this year.

These are the results of the Joint Autonomous Universities Graduate Employment Survey 2020, conducted by National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University and Singapore University of Social Sciences. It surveyed a total of 11,800 fresh graduates from full-time programmes on their employment status as at 1 November, about six months after their final examinations.

Of the 10,700 respondents in the labour force, 11.3% stated they would prefer to be in full-time employment, which amounts to about half the respondents. The corresponding figure in 2019 was about one-third of those in part-time work that year.

Three out of four of the graduates in part-time or temporary work in November 2020 reported that they were then under the SGUnited Traineeships Programme.


Minister-in-Charge of Public Service Chan Chun Seng clarifies misconception that scholarship holders have an advantage in career promotions

"I think there's more than a fair chance that people are promoted based on their performance," he said. "But, of course, whether we invested in a person before or not, we all hope that they succeed." He added that not all scholarship holders rise to the top, and that there are "great expectations" of those who have been given great opportunities.

"I'm quite confident that the public service has a certain diversity of backgrounds and there's a continuous meritocracy," Mr Chan added. "And that's one of the reasons we constantly evolve our selection and development system."


Ensign, SUTD announce new cybersecurity studies scholarship

Cybersecurity service provider Ensign has donated $120,000 to SUTD to establish the Ensign InfoSecurity–SUTD Mid Term Scholarship to develop more cybersecurity talents. The bond-free scholarship, starting 2022, will be awarded to one Year 3 student specialising in security track from SUTD’s Information Systems Technology and Design degree programme every year. The student will receive $30,000 to defray tuition or study-related expenses.


SIT introduces new degree programme to prepare students for automation

Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) will be offering a new degree programme to fulfil the anticipated demand in automation engineering in the future by training students to develop, deploy and maintain field robots. The Bachelor of Engineering in Robotics Systems is a four-year programme offered by SIT and designed in consultation with key partners such as the National Robotics Programme (NRP) and Economic Development Board (EDB).

"Robots are no longer just operating in the factory shop floor, but are also required to work for, and alongside humans in various field applications," said Professor Chua Kee Chaing, deputy president (academic) and provost of SIT.


NTU introduces new core curriculum starting August

Freshmen joining the NTU in August will take up a new common curriculum that spans a variety of subjects, and will also need to complete internships in order to graduate. These are among the initiatives that NTU laid out on as part of its plans for the next five years, to better prepare students for a changing workforce.

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