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Education News Bulletin (August 2020)

Tue, 09/01/2020 Zhou Mei An
Education News Bulletin (August 2020)

Most scholarships were awarded last month, with the Home Team, the Smart Nation Scholarship and A*STAR holding their award ceremonies. Other news included:


14 Home Team Scholars awarded in virtual ceremony

Mr Jared Koh, scholarship recipient and former Victoria Junior College student, plans to study law in the United Kingdom. Other scholarship recipients included Mr Li Kangli, 22, who will study computer science at the National University of Singapore, and serve his bond in the Home Team Science and Technology Agency. The Singapore Police Force Scholarship, one of the most prestigious scholarships awarded by the Public Service Commission, went to Ms Sundaram Mohan Shakthi, 19, and Mr Sim Zheng Hao, 21. Mr Sim, who will be studying liberal arts in New York University, said he hopes to build on the police's community partnerships.


15 Smart Nation Scholars awarded this year

They were selected from a pool of 723 applicants, an increase from 614 applicants last year. The Smart Nation scholarship is jointly offered by GovTech, the Cyber Security Agency and the Infocomm Media Development Authority. The scholars will be studying fields such as computer science, artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations (SFCCA) Scholars to study via online learning first 

The five scholars will have to wait a while before they can fly over to China to begin their studies at the prestigious Tsinghua and Peking universities. In the meantime, they will begin online learning. This has disappointed some of the scholars, who wished to immerse themselves in Chinese culture by staying in the country.

The bond-free scholarship funds up to $15,000 an academic year, including airfare, school fees, accommodation, insurance and living expenses, and each recipient is required to commit to a work attachment programme with the SFCCA or its member organisations.


Sole President’s Scholar to study Linguistics at Brown University

This year, President’s Scholar Alyssa Marie Loo Li Ann is headed to Brown University in the United States in January to read linguistics. She is interested in exploring topics such as having Singlish as a cultural icon and the effects of a bilingual policy. While she is the sole scholar announced this year, other scholars will be announced when they begin their studies.


66 National Science Scholarships awarded on 6 August 2020

The National Science Scholarships are awarded by the Agency for Science, Technology and Research since 2001 to grow the local scientific talent base for the research, innovation and enterprise industries. Recipients included Ms Tan Yee Lin, 19, who developed a novel antibacterial surface with zinc oxide nanostructures that kill microbes in a relatively short time, and Ms Nur Ayu Afira Sutrisnoh, 26, who will pursue a doctorate in materials science and engineering at the National University of Singapore.


O-week goes online for Singaporean universities

Orientation has gone virtual for Singapore’s universities, with the usual crowds at O-week replaced by webinars and virtual activities. While some students were doubtful about how to connect in the digital setting, most freshers found themselves welcomed warmly by their new mentors and lectures.


SUSS exploring alternative job pathways for graduates

The university has started two programmes in entrepreneurship and the gig economy for those who are interested in such areas of work. Full-time and part-time SUSS graduating students who are eligible for SGUnited Traineeships can join the programme, which comes with a monthly allowance. It plans to start with 15 students, and eight have already been recruited. It hopes to increase the intake to 30 students next year if the scheme proves to be effective.


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