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BrightSparks Survey Report 2017: All You Need to Know

The annual 2017 BrightSparks Scholarship & Education Survey conducted by CareerBuilder Singapore seeks to find out exactly how students and graduates from different institutions view scholarships and their providers. This year’s survey was well received with a healthy sample size of 1,800 respondents, ranging from International Baccalaureate (IB), University and Polytechnic, students and graduates.

Here’s what we have found out about the local scholarship landscape from conducting the 2017 BrightSparks Scholarship & Education Survey.

Strong Interest Towards Scholarships

More than 50% of students across all categories have applied or are intending to apply for scholarships. There has been a significant increase in the number of Top GCE ‘A’ Level and IB graduates applying or intending to apply for scholarships this year. In 2016 the number was 85.5% and in 2017 it has risen to a high 93.5%.

Top 10 Favourite Scholarship Providers

The top three scholarship providers remain the same as 2016 and they go to the Public Service Commission, National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University. With that being said there is some movement for positions four through nine. Changi Airport Group and Health Promotion Board are the two biggest movers, each have advanced two positions this year to be the fourth and ninth favourite on the list.


Scholarships The Preferred Way To Fund Further Education

Amongst loans, parents paying, digging into personal savings, and a few other options, scholarships are still seen as the preferred way to fund further education. With the rise in cost of living, the annual increase in school fees and the uncertain job market, it is no wonder many have turned to scholarships. Not only do most of them fully fund further education but also provide living allowances and pave the way for a fruitful career.

Healthcare No Longer The Preferred Industry

In 2016, the Healthcare sector ranked strongly as the preferred industry amongst students. This year however, the tide has changed in favour for the Banking and Finance industry. Across all four student categories, the Banking and Finance industry emerged as the top 3 preferred work industry.

BrightSparks Is Still The Preferred Scholarship Portal

For a decade running, BrightSparks has proved that we are the preferred scholarship portal for aspiring scholars to learn and apply for scholarship. From bi-annual magazines, monthly mailer and an interactive website, we have managed to keep students like you informed and engaged with the latest scholarship happenings!


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For more information on the BrightSparks Survey Report 2017, view the full report here.

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