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Acing Common Interview Questions

Fri, 05/05/2023 BrightSparks
Acing Common Interview Questions

One of the crucial parts of the scholarship application process is the interview stage. While it can often seem daunting at the start, one of the best ways you can prepare for it is to research common interview questions. Here’s a list of common interview questions and tips on how you can ace them!

1) Tell me about yourself

This is often a common opening question for interviewers to get to know a candidate better. Your answers will set the tone for the rest of the interview and gives the interviewer a first peek into your personality. It is always advisable to keep your answers as concise as possible and to focus on your strengths, achievements and personal interests that relate to the scholarship’s requirements. Be sure to highlight why you are an ideal candidate for the scholarship.

2) Why did you apply for this scholarship?

This is a question you should already have the answer to even before you began applying for the scholarship. Don’t be afraid to be honest about your reasons for applying. Talk about what you think differentiates the scholarship or organisation from the others and how you identify with the values and career prospects of the organisation that you’re applying to.

3) What are your strengths and weakness?

This is the time to speak about yourself in a confident manner and highlight your strengths and accomplishments with concrete examples. It’s also important not to get carried away when you’re speaking about yourself. Be honest about your shortcomings and emphasise your willingness to overcome them. Focus on the value you can bring to the organisation. Remember, what the interviewer wants is an honest assessment of your abilities.

4) What are your career goals? This question is designed to assess your long-term career plans and aspirations. Be honest about your career goals and how the scholarship will help you attain them. You should explain how your chosen field aligns with your interest and skills and how you are driven to succeed.

5) Do you have any questions?

While the interview may be coming to an end, it’s important not to let your guard down too soon. During your preparation you should generate some insightful questions on topics like career advancement and job performance evaluation before the interview. You can also ask the interviewer for feedback. This will help you learn something from the interview regardless of what the results are.

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