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A Rewarding Journey with MOH Holdings Healthcare Scholarships & Talent

Being a healthcare scholar is not just about studying. As a healthcare scholar, you can look forward to a rewarding and enriching scholarship journey, where you will broaden your horizons and realise your potential through diverse and exciting developmental opportunities.

Here at the MOH Holdings (MOHH) Healthcare Scholarships & Talent, we are dedicated to developing you right from the start! We not only want our scholars to be good students, we also want them to be passionate about serving and giving back to the community - whether you would like to go for Overseas Community Involvement Projects, pick up a new language, or attend summer school or overseas student exchanges. 

This is why MOHH has in place a comprehensive Scholar Development Framework (SDF) to support our scholars’ personal and professional development throughout their scholarship journeys.

Read more to find out what our scholars say: 

“I went to King's College London (KCL) for Summer Exchange. I did a module called ‘Global Health and Social Justice’ which was to be covered within three weeks. A number of my lecturers have worked for the United Nations and World Health Organisation. One of our lecturers was previously a journalist who showed us her own raw footage of Middle East conflicts. Another lecturer was part of the humanitarian team during the Ebola outbreak in Africa. All these were interesting to me because they worked to raise awareness of ongoing issues and to help provide solutions. I was given the marvellous opportunity to learn more about the challenges of creating impactful change in societies - sometimes instead of helping, we may actually be creating more problems for the locals. Time is a huge commitment for volunteers to be able to effect concrete changes in societies. I learned so much history! I love history so much and I was just in awe at the fact that I was able to immerse myself in the remnants of history I have only read in books prior to the trip!” ~ Julienne Mae Reblora, Nursing Scholar, National University of Singapore

“I went to Cambodia on Overseas Community Involvement Programme organised by MOHH last December. We visited the Kampong Chhnang province where we taught the kids simple hygiene and nutrition lesson and paid visits to the local health centers. It was an eye-opening experience, where I manage to get in touch with the locals and learn more about the healthcare system in Cambodia. At the same time, I was touched seeing how the locals were so eager and appreciative of learning from us via their actions and words. It was also heartwarming to witness how each individual could find happiness through such simplicity. I was thankful that I had this an opportunity to make a small difference in their life!” ~ Melissa Tay, Dietetics Scholar, Flinders University

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