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3 Things You Can Do After an Unsuccessful Scholarship Application Nobody likes rejection. It lowers one's morale and leaves us feeling morose. For many, watching their peers being awarded a scholarship during this period can take a toll on their self-worth.

In an earlier article, we talked about how you can use your setbacks as a springboard to greater achievements: you recognise that a scholarship is not the only means to maximise your potential, you identify how else you define success and work towards it, and you see your scholarship application - successful or not - as a journey from which you can derive learning takeaways.

While these are intangible things you can do after an unsuccessful scholarship application, you can exact effort to do other things that will stand you in good stead for future opportunities. Here are some of them.

Write an Appeal Letter

There is no harm in writing an appeal letter to iterate your interest in serving the organisation as a scholar. This is your chance to explain why the organisation has garnered and kept your interest, and why you want it to re-consider your application. Even if you do not get a call back or a second chance, you are able to use this repeated attempt as proof of your desire to contribute to the organisation, possibly boosting your chances at a job there in the future.

Wait to Apply for a Mid-Term Scholarship

Mid-term scholarships provide a second chance for those who did not make the cut the first time. Those whose 'A' Level results fell short of the requirement will have a second chance at achieving the needed grades at university. A mid-term scholarship is also beneficial in that it allows you more time to discover your strengths and subjects you are interested in, given that you start applying for a mid-term scholarship after exposure to some modules in university.

Create Your Own Opportunities

Life is what you make of it. Think of something you can do to enhance your value and lead you towards where you want to go. For instance, if you seek to empower the disadvantaged and want to appeal to the National Council of Social Service, consider taking up volunteering stints at Voluntary Welfare Organisations for a more solid chance with the organisation. Or apply your entrepreneurial skills by spearheading business projects in school if you want to impress scholarship providers like SPRING Singapore or IE Singapore. An unsuccessful scholarship attempt with an organisation does not mean that your chance of working there is entirely ruined. If you have set your mind to serve in an organisation of your choice, take great strides towards your goal or find means to contribute to its overall purpose wholeheartedly.

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