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3 Ways to Build a Network While Having Fun!

Thu, 09/28/2017 Wayne K
3 Ways to Build a Network While Having Fun!

While it is important to know things and know them well, more often than not, it is also a combination of who you know that can help make your dreams into a reality. And networking is a great way to expand your circle of friends and business associates.

But who says that networking has to be dull and a formal event? Here are three fun ways that also make for a great workout or chill out session.

Knock it Back with an Om

We have all heard of yoga classes, but how about a wine and yoga class? On a scenic rooftop near Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD) is where you will find Wine Yoga & Citylights.

It is one of Singapore’s only yoga class that kicks it up a notch with the red elixir from the gods - wine. Expect to find your heart center and clock in a good workout while socializing with fellow yogis over glasses of wine after an hour of invigorating yoga.

It would be good to note that only 2 glasses of wine are included in the fee, with classes conducted in the CBD a bar to continue the lively conversation is never too far away. If you are not really into wine, the good people who host Wine Yoga & Citylights also have other variations paired with yoga, like beer and coffee.

Fee: $30

Click, Click, Boom!

Calling all gamers and those who are in the technology game! The who’s who of the gaming world will be gathering at the annual Gamestart event come October 2017 and it is the perfect event for networking. Meet with indie game founders, and bond with fellow gamers from various industries at the daily contests and special programs.

There are no losers in the event because even if you don’t get to pick up a few namecards, you will get to pick up some really great buys at this event!

Fee: $10 - $24

Adventure is Calling

Connect not just with Singaporeans, but meet new people from all around the world, and bond over the love of trekking and breath-taking views? This right be for you. Consisting of a community of hikers who love to track unbeaten paths, travel, and explore new frontiers while living like a local, Live Openly takes networking and fun to a whole new level.

Don’t expect 5-star hotels or room service here, they really do serious tracking - think the Himalayas. However, you can expect spectacular insta-worthy sights, an experience like no other and opportunities to network while getting out of your comfort zone. Only criterias to join this motley crew? A sense of adventure, love for trekking and an open mind.

Fee: Varies depending on country of adventure

If networking isn’t really what you are seeking today, head on over here for more interesting stories and neat tricks to better “adult”.

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