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3 Things Living in a Smart Nation Mean for You

Embracing technological change and the fourth industrial revolution, Singapore has her sights on becoming the world’s first Smart Nation. From boosting our infocomm and network capabilities to encouraging cashless payments for all types of transactions, we are well on our way to truly becoming a Smart Nation.

But what will working in a Smart Nation mean for you? Here are a few things to expect as a student or as a fresh graduate in the near future.

Streamlined Jobs

Or also known as multitasking, will be a new normal. With more systems being introduced to streamline processes, there is now a lesser need for an actual headcount to perform a specific role. Take for an example, marketers are no longer just marketing products above or below the line. They are also required to manage social media sites and know basic search engine marketing and digital marketing skills.

Harder to Gain an Edge

We are consuming information at an extremely large rate - as compared to a decade ago. At a click of a button, search engines like Google or Yahoo! are at your service with an answer to any question you could possibly imagine. Learning has also now evolved to the online space with massive open online courses (MOOC) that are easily accessible to anyone for free. Put both of them together along with other traditional or new methods of learning, you have a generation of great talents but one that is highly competitive.

A Mobile Application for Everything

Considering that smartphones are pretty much a part of us now, mobile applications have progressively become an alternate way to communication. From government ministries like Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to companies like RedMart, there is a mobile application for almost everything. Moving forward, you can definitely expect the demand for mobile application developers to skyrocket as more organisations begin the process of developing their own.

Think you have what it takes to advance in the highly competitive technological sector? Here are a few technology-centric scholarships that you should take note of.

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