Our Programmes

Our Programmes

BrightSparks - SP Group

Empowering talent

Fuel your passion in engineering. Join us and take pride in upholding Singapore's world-class network and drive sustainable energy solutions.

We are looking for talent with the passion and agility to strive for high quality performance and develop cutting-edge innovative solutions for our customers in Singapore and the region.

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For University Graduates

BrightSparks - SP Group

Engineering Development for GraduatEs Programme (EDGE)

Upon joining SP Group as a fresh graduate, you are headed for a strong start in your engineering career. Fresh Engineering graduates will join the EDGE Programme (Engineering Development for Graduates) - a comprehensive and well-rounded programme with key professional development milestones and structured career progression path. Through customised structured development programme varying from classroom, online and on-the-job training, your learning process will be accelerated as a new engineer.

Support will be provided to those aspiring to pursue Professional Engineer certification.

For Polytechnic Graduates

BrightSparks - SP Group
Our Learning through TEchnical Accelerated Programme (LEAP) sees fresh engineering graduates undergo a series of structured blended training which consists of theory-based lessons and on-the-job training, tailored to build a strong technical foundation.


BrightSparks - SP Group

Energise your internship experience

Internships offer a holistic experience for students with the desire to join the energy industry. You will be exposed to different aspects of our organisation, acquire practical skills through on-the-job training and build technical expertise by learning from dedicated mentors.

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