Our Programmes

Our Programmes

BrightSparks - SP Group

Empowering talent

Powering the nation with world-class power reliability requires dedicated, skilful individuals with the passion and agility to drive high quality performance and create innovative solutions for our customers.

For University Graduates

BrightSparks - SP Group

Engineering Development for GraduatEs Programme (EDGE)

Engineering university graduates can look forward to joining the Engineering Development for GraduatEs (EDGE) programme. The programme adopts a ground-up approach to grooming new engineers.

It includes:

  • Exposure to critical business functions
  • Final Job posting will be determined by business needs and interest

We also provide:

  • Support for Professional Engineer Certification
  • Management & Specialist Career Development Tracks
  • Multi-disciplinary Training
  • Competitive Compensation package

For Polytechnic Graduates

BrightSparks - SP Group
Our Learning through TEchnical Accelerated Programme (LEAP) sees fresh engineering graduates undergo a series of structured blended training which consists of theory-based lessons and on-the-job training, tailored to build a strong technical foundation.


BrightSparks - SP Group

Energise your internship experience

Internship is an integral part of SP’s efforts to attract and engage highly-motivated talents. The programme is designed to build professional corporate experience in students with the desire to join the energy utility industry. You will be exposed to different aspects of our organisation and gain skills and knowledge valuable in your career.

Send your CV and cover letter to [email protected] to apply today!