About SP Group

About SP Group

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SP Group is a leading energy utilities group in the Asia Pacific. It owns and operates electricity and gas transmission and distribution businesses in Singapore and Australia, and district cooling businesses in Singapore and China. SP Group is committed to providing customers with reliable and efficient energy utilities services. About 1.5 million industrial, commercial and residential customers in Singapore benefit from SP Group’s world-class transmission, distribution and market support services. These networks are amongst the most reliable and cost-effective world-wide. SP Group also drives digital solutions to empower customers to manage their utilities, reduce consumption and save cost.

Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

We provide reliable and efficient energy utility services to enhance the economy and the quality of life.

Our Values


We commit to creating value for our customers, our people, and our shareholders. We uphold the highest standards of service and performance.


We act with honesty. We practise the highest ethical standards.


We take pride and ownership in what we do.


We support, respect and trust each other. We continually learn, and share ideas and knowledge.

Powering the Nation

For more info, visit www.poweringthenation.sg/home.