The National Environment & Water (NEW) Scholarship has been renamed to Singapore Sustainability Scholarship with immediate effect

BrightSparks - SS Scholarship

A Sustainable Future Begins with You

The Singapore Sustainability (SS) Scholarship is jointly offered by NEA, PUB and SFA.

The Singapore Sustainability (SS) Scholarship seeks to groom and nurture young talents who are keen to develop a career to strengthen environmental resilience and food and water security for Singapore. We are looking for game-changers with the foresight to anticipate future challenges and develop solutions.

Upon graduation, scholars will embark on an exciting career with either NEA, PUB or SFA. They will have the opportunity to make meaningful contributions through a diverse range of roles including mitigating climate change, encouraging energy efficiency, developing Singapore’s water resources and fostering food science and technology development. Embark on a fulfilling career with us and be a part of Singapore’s sustainability story.

There are also opportunities for undergraduates to pursue the Mid-Term Undergraduate Scholarship.

BrightSparks - SS Scholarship

Choice of Courses

BrightSparks - SS Scholarship


  • Civil / Mechanical / Chemical / Environmental / Electrical


  • Chemistry / Physics / Biology
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Geophysics
  • Earth Sciences
  • Meteorology
  • Mathematics

BrightSparks - SS Scholarship


  • Civil / Mechanical / Electrical / Environmental / Computer

Other disciplines

  • Computer Science
  • Data Science

BrightSparks - SS Scholarship


  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Aquaculture Sciences
  • Biological Sciences / Life Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Food Science / Food Technology
  • Microbiology
  • Veterinary Science

*Individuals from other related disciplines not listed above are welcome to apply.
BrightSparks - SS Scholarship

Value of Scholarship


  • Maintenance allowance, tuition and compulsory fees, computer and book allowance and hostels fees where applicable
  • Sponsorship for approved enrichment/exchange programmes
  • Possibility of pursuing postgraduate degrees


  • Maintenance allowance, tuition and compulsory fees, return airfare, plus allowance for computer, books, settling-in and warm clothing where applicable
  • Sponsorship for approved enrichment/exchange programmes
  • Possibility of pursuing postgraduate degrees

BrightSparks - SS Scholarship


  • Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents with outstanding academic results and a noteworthy CCA record
  • 'A' Level, International Baccalaureate, Polytechnic, NUS High Students and Undergraduates may apply

Note: For Permanent Residents, confirmation of award will be based on the successful application for Singapore Citizenship.

BrightSparks - SS Scholarship

Bond Duration

Local Overseas Overseas in non-English speaking countries
4 years 6 years 5 years

BrightSparks - SS Scholarship

Supported Institutions

  • Local universities (NUS, NTU, SUTD, SMU, SIT) or renowned overseas universities (e.g. specific institutions at US, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, China, Japan)

What is it?

The SS Internship is offered by NEA and PUB. The objective of the SS Internship is to identify talented young people with an interest in environment and water issues and to nurture this passion through work-based learning activities. A mentor and a buddy are assigned to guide each intern through their internship. The internship is for a period between 4 to 8 weeks.

Selected students will be given the opportunity to participate in exciting and stimulating environmental or water projects, giving them a better understanding of the dynamic environment and water sector. Students who show promise during the SS Internship and demonstrate their passion for the environment and water sector would be recommended for the SS Scholarship.

SFA welcomes applicants to be considered for the SS Scholarship through the open application. Shortlisted applicants will be assessed through activity-based assessments.

Why should I join?

BrightSparks - SS Scholarship
Get a head start in your application for the SS Scholarship

BrightSparks - SS Scholarship
Participate in exciting and stimulating environmental or water projects

BrightSparks - SS Scholarship
Make an informed decision on your scholarship and career choices

BrightSparks - SS Scholarship
Benefit from a rich learning experience during the internship

SS Internship Projects

BrightSparks - SS Scholarship

Technology, Operation and Research

  • Examining and reviewing environmental-related issues such as smoking prohibitions, pest control, air quality control and radiation control

Scientific and Social Behaviour Studies

  • Assessing effectiveness and review of national initiatives related to recycling, waste management, etc.
  • Meteorological and climate research

People, Public and Private (3P) Engagement

  • Partnership projects with public and private partners
  • Conduct consultations with industrial partners

BrightSparks - SS Scholarship

Developing and Managing Singapore's Water Resources

  • NEWater and desalinated water
  • Water and used water treatment
  • Water network management
  • Deep Tunnel Sewerage System
  • Reservoir and stormwater management

Community and Industry Outreach

  • Partnership with the community, industries and international agencies
  • Strategic marketing and communications initiatives

Developing Singapore into a Global Hydrohub

  • R&D in water technologies
  • Singapore International Water Week (the global platform to share and co-create innovative water solutions)

The scholarship application cycle runs from October and closes two weeks after the release of 'A' Level results.

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All applications are to be submitted through BrightSparks Portal.
The Scholarships Team will review all applications submitted via the portal and only shortlisted candidates will be notified for further selection.
Shortlisted candidates will be contacted by Kosh Consulting Group (Asia) Pte Ltd (KCGA), the appointed contractor, before end-April 2024.