IRAS is constantly on the lookout for young and dynamic individuals who have a passion in shaping Singapore’s future and have a keen interest in a tax career. Besides outstanding academic results and CCA records, we are looking for individual who share the IRAS core values:

Treat everyone in the same circumstances equally

Do what is right without fear or favour in all circumstances

Have the competence and take pride in doing our work in the most efficient and effective way

Help one another and work together with mutual trust and respect

Anticipate and promptly meet changing needs

Continuously seek new ways to do our work better


Ice breaker during scholars’ gathering

Fun and interactive activity during scholars’ gathering
Find out about the adventures and experiences that our scholars went through from taking up the scholarship:
I took up the IRAS Overseas Undergraduate Scholarship due to my interest in public policy and the substantial overlap between tax-related work and my undergraduate course in Economics and Management. IRAS has offered me many opportunities to develop and grow. Besides funding my studies at the University of Oxford, IRAS also supported my short stint in Harvard Summer School and granted my request for a research role as an intern in the Compliance Strategy and Risk Division. During my internship, I was assigned meaningful tasks that challenged me to learn and think quickly. I also experienced a positive work culture where colleagues regularly support one another and management consistently provides constructive feedback that helps improve work quality. In summary, my experience as an IRAS scholar thus far has been both enriching and enjoyable.

Gan Junjie
BA in Economics & Management, University of Oxford
The decision to select IRAS was largely attributed to IRAS’s work culture. Not only did I observe strong teamwork among the colleagues, there is a sense of belonging that each of them has towards IRAS. Plus they are very friendly and helpful!

IRAS arranges internships for scholars during their summer vacations and sponsors the summer programme. One of the greatest opportunities I had was the chance to attend the Harvard Summer School in 2010. Through the summer studies, I gained a lot of insights, as well as new knowledge which greatly complemented my course of study.

Fung Ai Wei, Senior Tax Officer (Property Tax- Valuation & Stamp Duty),
Property Tax Division B. Science (Mathematics & Economics), The London School of Economics and Political Science M. International Finance, HEC, Paris
Started work in 2013
I thank IRAS for offering the IRAS Scholarship to me as it has given me an exceptional opportunity to study abroad in one of the top universities in the world. Not only am I able to pursue my interest in Economics while receiving a world-class education, the overseas experience has also allowed me to grow personally. Personal growth comes in the form of learning to be independent as well as in experiencing the world. As UCL has a large number of international students, I am constantly being exposed to different cultures and different people. I also get to explore different parts of UK and even Europe.  These experiences have truly opened my eyes to the world.

I have recently completed my 6-week long attachment in IRAS during my summer holiday. Through this, I learnt a lot about the working culture and the career path as a scholar in the organization. IRAS is special because of the heavy emphasis placed on work-life balance and the wide variety of activities outside work that you can be involved in. I thoroughly enjoyed my attachment in IRAS as colleagues around me were all friendly and helpful. IRAS also takes great care of their scholars as each scholar is assigned a buddy and a mentor, creating a channel through which you can seek advice and form closer bonds with senior management.  Scholars are also given many opportunities to excel and display their leadership qualities. Last but not least, multiple job postings throughout your bond allow you to find your field of interest in taxation. I look forward to starting my career in IRAS.

Viola Wong, Associate (Tax Policy)
Currently on secondment to Ministry of Finance
BSc (Economics), University College London
M. Arts (International and Development Economics), Yale University
Started work in 2012
A scholarship opens up many doors of opportunities and it is up to you to take the leap and walk through them. I feel that one of the good differentiating points of the IRAS scholarship is that HR and senior management are very supportive of their scholars and play an active role in encouraging them to explore their interests which may lie outside of school or work. I have just recently completed an exchange programme to France where I studied interesting modules like European history, cross cultural management and also brushed up my conversational French. It was immensely enriching and the whole experience of living and studying in a non-English speaking country helped to further strengthen my independent life skills and communication skills, especially during my backpacking days in Italy.

This people-oriented strategy at IRAS is definitely an attraction point for me and as an IRAS scholar, you can also look forward to fun events such as the IRAS Dinner & Dance, IRAS family day and annual scholars’ gathering while you are still pursuing your undergraduate studies to stay connected. I personally find that the IRAS scholarship is like the beginning of a long-term relationship - selecting a partner whom I believe will challenge me to develop to my best as a professional and well-rounded person.

If you believe in contributing to nation-building and economic development is part of what makes work meaningful everyday, the IRAS scholarship can be your beginning too.

Li Danwei, Senior Tax Auditor (Goods and Services Tax - Wholesale Trade), Goods & Services Tax Division
B. Accountancy & B. Business, Nanyang Technological University
Started work in 2012
As a junior college student, I developed a strong interest and passion in the study of economics. The IRAS undergraduate scholarship has given me the wonderful opportunity of pursuing this passion in an institution of academic rigor and intellectual freedom—University of California, Berkeley. I am excited to say that my time here only served to reinforce my decision of taking up the IRAS scholarship. Besides the academic opportunities that the scholarship has presented me with, I was also given the chance to gain exposure to work in IRAS and the field of taxation. A month-long attachment stint at IRAS this year introduced me to IRAS’s friendly work culture, emphasis on personal empowerment and its ability to reconcile work-life balance and strong work ethics among its employees.  I look forward to embarking on an exciting career in IRAS!

Xu Dingjiao, Tax Officer (Goods and Services Tax – General Branch)
B. Economics, University of California (Berkeley)
M. Statistics, Harvard University
Started work in 2011
Being conferred the IRAS undergraduate scholarship is not just about an all expense paid for opportunity to study in NTU.

More importantly, it is the first step towards the career path I wish to embark on and follow through in the field of taxation. Taxation issues have always intrigued me and the scholars’ sharing sessions allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of IRAS prior to the commencement of my work.

During my first semester in NTU, I have met many wonderful peers from various walks of life. They spurred me on when I was facing a myriad of challenges and not forgetting, burnt the midnight oil together in dormitory.

Indeed, the IRAS scholarship was my choice- for the privilege to be part of the sincere team to contribute in shaping Our Taxes, Our Nation.

Au Hui Yan, Manager (Organisation Excellence), Corporate Development Division
B. Accountancy, Nanyang Technological University
Started work in 2011
Working in IRAS is like joining a huge family. You will feel assured, knowing that as you give your best in your area of work, IRAS will also be doing its utmost in taking care of your personal development and well-being. The office culture is all about working hard and playing hard.

Taking up an IRAS scholarship also means that you'll get many opportunities to hone your analytical, communication and management skills. You will be expected to learn fast, manage your time and work with colleagues of various levels to deliver quality work. Simply put, you will be groomed and challenged into realising your maximum potential.

At the end of the day, you'll get immense job satisfaction, knowing that what you do in IRAS plays an important part in nation building, and that you have made a difference in the lives of all citizens.

Yap Mia Kai, Director (Infocomm Technology & Planning), Infocomm Division
B. Computer Science, Cornell University MBA, Institute de Empresa, Spain
Started work in 2004