CCMDA Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Community Care Manpower Development Awards (CCMDA) 2020
- Virtual Ceremony

Community Care Manpower Development Awards (CCMDA) 2020
- NKF and DPH CEO Chat

The Community Care Manpower Development Awards (CCMDA) is administered by AIC.

The CCMDA aims to attract new entrants, including students and mid-career switchers to join the growing Community Care sector, through offer of sponsorship support for entry and advanced skills training and studies. The award is also open to in-service staff who wish to go for professional upgrading and further studies.

CCMDA recipients can look forward to pursuing a rewarding and meaningful career in the Community Care sector upon completion of their training, with varied opportunities to develop their career, accordingly to their inclinations and aspirations. In addition to competitive remuneration, awardees can also look forward to continuous professional development opportunities through seminars, conferences as well as training opportunities offered by the AIC Learning Network, amongst others.

Join us to maximise your potential and help our seniors live and age well in the community!