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A Career just for you with SgIS

Oh, the places you’ll go! With the Singapore-Industry Scholarship, you can choose where you want to fulfil your bond from a list of partner organisations in many different sectors. And for Nathan Lim and Melia Ho, this meant the freedom to develop a career they love – and it will be the same for you.

Left: Nathan Lim Long Jun is an Engineer I, Process, Industrialisation, Integration & Process Development with REC Solar Pte Ltd. The SgIS Mid-Term Local Scholar graduated from Nanyang Technological University, majoring in Materials Science & Engineering.

Right: Ho Jia Ying Melia is a SgIS Full-Term Scholar with Super Bean International Pte Ltd, currently studying a Bachelor in Business Administration at National University of Singapore.

No matter what form your success may take, the Singapore-Industry Scholarship (SgIS) has a proposition for you.

The SgIS aims to secure a talent pipeline to anchor strategic sectors for our future. And as we know, talent takes many forms, which is why the scholarship has partnered with renowned organisations in diverse fields from infocomm media to aviation to offer unique placement opportunities for its scholars.

Scholars Nathan Lim and Melia Ho studied Material Science and Business Administration respectively, but they are the same on one vital point – SgIS kickstarted their journey.

A Ray of Light

Harnessing photons from the sun generates clean energy, effectively converting light into electricity.

For Nathan Lim, harnessing the opportunities available with SgIS generated a mission in life, effectively converting interest into a career.

“I was looking out for scholarships at the end of my first semester and saw that SgIS offers direct access to companies from various industries,” he recalled.

“This freedom to choose the sponsoring organisation appealed to me as I wanted to be able to select the industry that I was passionate and interested to work in.”

The same freedom lay behind Melia’s decision to apply for the SgIS. “I felt that the companies under SgIS were leading companies under different industries, and to be accepted into any of them would be a privilege.”

“When I saw that there were F&B companies that were part of this programme, Super Bean International Pte Ltd being one of them, I applied immediately as I felt that their company’s values aligned with mine.”

Nathan Lim

Nathan Lim Long Jun

A SgIS-powered Takeoff

The SgIS also gave Melia the boost of courage needed to leap into a new realm of learning. She had previously been in the F&B industry with a Diploma in Applied Food Science and Nutrition from Temasek Polytechnic.

“Seeing my passion in the area of Food Science and Business, my mentors nudged me to pursue a degree in Business Administration to complement my diploma in Food Science so that I have the knowledge in both aspects which will benefit me in the future.”

Determined to take advantage of all SgIS has to offer, she dived into the SgIS Development and Engagement Programme during university. This involved joining the SgIS Scholars’ Network Exco Sub-Committee as a publicity team member and an internship with Super Bean where she was personally tutored by its founder, Mr Loh.

“Given the unique structure of SgIS and the development programmes offered, I would also be able to forge connections with peers from other industries and tap into their resources in the future.”

The programme offered Nathan similar benefits. In his case, he emphasised how development opportunities were targeted to improve his performance in his later role. SgIS invited him to forums which opened his eyes to the government goal to drive toward Industry 4.0 and widespread use of data analytics.

Nathan could then imagine the semiconductor industry of the future – and what his place in it would be.

He said: “I’d say overall, great exposure and opportunities from the SgIS Development and Engagement Programme.”

“If you know what industry and company you wish to work in, I would strongly recommend the SgIS.” Nathan Lim

Working with Energy

Today, the SgIS Mid-Term Scholar is an engineer with REC Solar Pte Ltd.

The company is committed to nurturing his talent, making him the process owner for Physical Vapor Deposition and then transitioning him to process improvement.

His current job scope challenges him to find new and innovative ways to improve current cell efficiency. These improvement projects require Nathan to plan, coordinate and most importantly, carry out Design of Experiments for proof of feasibility and examine their results.

“I love challenges. My job pushes me to new limits and keeps me thinking on my feet to react quickly to potentially catastrophic events in the line that could stop production.”

He is clearly exactly where he wants to be with the SgIS and REC Solar.

Ho Jia Ying Melia

Melia with Mr Loh Jwee Poh, Founder & CEO of Super Bean.

The Business of Food

The same goes for Melia, who could not have married her two passions into an effective learning journey without the unique nature of the SgIS. When she graduates, she will serve her bond with Super Bean, a well-established F & B company with extensive business interests.

“I am excited to hone my collaboration skills by working with others in Super Bean and to have the chance to see some glimpses into my future career path,” she smiled.

She is sure to find her direction, as her sponsoring organisation will rotate her to various departments such as Branding and Marketing, Production Kitchen, and Business Development under their own Management Associate Programme.

“With the development programmes and financial perks provided by SgIS, I can definitely focus on achieving my career goals.”

“With the development programmes and financial perks provided by SgIS, I can definitely focus on achieving my career goals.” Melia Ho

Your Scholarship, Your Future

Just as Melia needed SgIS to take her career in the direction she wanted, she hopes the scholarship will provide the same path for others.

nathan icon

Nathan’s hobby is horology, the art of appreciating instruments of time like clocks and watches. He values the stories behind each timepiece, and will often scavenge for information from articles and books to fulfil his thirst.

She advised: “We should use the resources provided to us wisely, and constantly improve ourselves, such that we are always primed to take full advantage of any opportunities that come our way.”

Nathan also vigorously recommended the scholarship as a way to make your own journey forward. “If you know what industry and company you wish to work in, I would strongly recommend the SgIS.”