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Going Beyond Banking

OCBC Bank is not only about banking and its customers. The OCBC Regional Scholarship enhances global exposure, raises movers and shakers, and opens up future possibilities for its employees.

Joel Tan Wan Rong, OCBC Regional Undergraduate Scholar, is currently studying a Bachelor of Science (Honours) with a Major in Data Science and Analytics at NUS. Upon graduation, he will join OCBC in the OCBC Graduate Talent Programme in his home country, Malaysia.

Consistently ranked as one of the safest banks in the world, OCBC enjoys the trust of millions to preserve their wealth and assets.

However, this is a bank that aims to protect more than just money. It safeguards the future through investing in the younger generation and nurturing potential.

Not limited to locals, the OCBC Regional Scholarship supports talented individuals studying outside their country of citizenship. Upon graduation, the scholar can look forward to a career with OCBC in their home country and is groomed to be a future financial leader under the bank’s guidance.

The latest recipient of this prestigious award is Joel Tan Wan Rong, a 23-year old from Malaysia who is currently studying a Bachelor of Science (Honours), Majoring in Data Science and Analytics at NUS.

An Interest in Analytics

Even as a kid, Joel was obsessed with puzzles and riddles. Naturally, such a problem-solving bent led him to excel in mathematics and calculations, which was what he was looking for in his future career aspirations.

Propitiously, NUS had just launched a new course in data science and analytics just as he was finishing his A-Levels. With data science in the limelight for its multitude of applications in increasingly important business and development roles, Joel knew he had found the academic path he was looking for.

But interest alone would not make for a career. The young man was in a quandary until he came across the OCBC Regional Scholarship, which immediately stood out to him.

“The scholarship was directly applicable to my situation – students from outside Singapore that were currently studying in Singapore,” he recalled. “Furthermore, I read that OCBC had investments in building data science capabilities such as the work done in the OCBC AI Lab.”

“I was convinced that OCBC was the right fit.”

Joel Tan

Joel Tan

Repaying Kindness with Dedication

The bank evidently felt the same, and sponsored his studies in Data Science and Analytics at NUS.

To express his gratefulness towards the organisation that gave him a chance, Joel has dedicated himself to getting good grades and making the most of his student experience.

He also looks forward to his eventual appointment at the bank, where he can put his studies to good use.

“From improving the efficiency of logistics and tech stacks to analysing customer behaviour and better fraud detection or improving retention with HR analytics, I believe there are a myriad of techniques and tools in data science and analytics which can be applied to a financial institution such as OCBC,” he detailed.

But first, he has something else to look forward to post-study: the OCBC Graduate Talent Programme, 24 months of customised business training designed to provide a rock-solid foundation for any fresh entrant into the banking industry.

A multifaceted learning experience, the programme includes corporate training sessions and engagements, business innovation projects and group mentorships, all curated by the best OCBC has to offer. Even better, the programme is open to graduates from all disciplines, so Joel’s specialisation is no barrier to entry into the world of finance.

The scholar is definitely looking forward to this once-in-a-lifetime learning experience. “I hope to be able to get up to speed with internal operations, and to discover how I am best able to contribute,” he enthused.

“I believe there are a myriad of techniques and tools in data science and analytics which can be applied to a financial institution such as OCBC.” Joel Tan

After all, with his unique background, he may be able to discover new ways to reimburse the bank’s investment in him. “On the technical front, I hope to contribute to OCBC in various ways through my diverse skillset, such as improving the efficiency of operational procedures, tackling existing technical or logistical bottlenecks, and discovering relevant insights in data to make critical data-driven business decisions.”

“Furthermore, I would love to put my analytical and technical skills to good use, ideally to improve OCBC in multiple areas, perhaps in ways they may not even have thought of yet!”

piano icon

Joel loves to play the piano, and often puts his own spin on well-known compositions for a little creative twist.

More Talent in the Pipeline

Joel is full of hopes and dreams for his career with OCBC. One thing he aims to accomplish is to lead and inspire others to be part of the bank’s future.

He got right into a serious recommendation for the Graduate Talent Programme as a desirable career pathway as regional scholars will be invited to join the Graduate Talent Programme in OCBC. “It is a programme to groom talent with career progression and opportunities to connect with networks within the bank and across the OCBC group.”

Like Joel’s journey shows us, OCBC is not a just bank but a place to grow and embrace your individual possibility.