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Shaping Leaders
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Singtel Group
As Asia’s leading communications group, Singtel connects over half a billion people across the globe on a daily basis. Two scholars from the Singtel Group share how the company is grooming them into leaders for tomorrow.

I n today’s digital age, Singtel understands that customers expect to stay constantly connected through various communication platforms. To this end, the Group provides consumers and businesses with a comprehensive suite of services including fixed, mobile, data, internet, television, info-communications technology (ICT) and digital solutions.

The company’s structure comprises: Consumer, Group Enterprise and Group Digital Life. The Consumer operations aim to deliver superior communication, infotainment and technology services. Group Enterprise provides companies and governments with integrated ICT solutions ranging from mobile, voice and data infrastructure to cloud computing and professional consulting. Group Digital Life explores opportunities in areas such as digital marketing and data analytics to add value to the core business.

It is essential for Singtel to have highly dedicated, resourceful and passionate employees in the company to meet the evolving needs of customers in this dynamic industry.

Development programmes such as the Singtel Cadet Scholarship and the Singtel Undergraduate Scholarship are avenues to attract and train talented individuals to help propel the continued success of the Group’s businesses.

Portal to Success

The Singtel Cadet Scholarship is offered to passionate and driven polytechnic students who have the desire to contribute to Singtel’s vision of being a leading communications group.

Jacob Toh is a Singtel Customer Experience Cadet (CEC) Scholar who recently completed his Diploma in Customer Relationship and Service Management at Republic Polytechnic.

Lieu Whai Peng

Lieu Whai Peng
Singtel Full-Term Undergraduate Scholar

Double Degree in Bachelor of Accountancy and Bachelor of Business Administration student at Nanyang Technological University

“Singtel is so much more than just a telecommunications provider. The internships exposed me to different parts of the Group’s business!”

As a Singtel CEC Scholar, Jacob had the opportunity to do an internship in the Consumer Operations Unit. He took on the role of a Customer Care Officer and was tasked to handle in-bound calls at the Fibre Helpdesk. The experience certainly honed his customer handling skillsets and gave him early exposure to a helpdesk environment.

“It’s a stressful and fast-paced environment, where you sometimes have to deal with frustrated customers. Hence, this job requires patience, active listening, and the ability to manage customers’ needs and expectations,” says Jacob.

Despite the challenges he faced, Jacob remained motivated thanks to the supportive culture at Singtel. He adds, “My colleagues and superiors were always willing to mentor and lend a helping hand. They sat with me, listened to my calls, and provided constructive feedback. There is also plenty of teamwork in Singtel, as people from different teams often collaborate to solve problems. Ultimately, it is about working cohesively towards delivering a better customer experience.”

On top of that, Jacob was also in the organising committee for the Singtel Carnival last year.

“Juggling my internship and involvement in the organising committee really honed my time management skills. Working with internal and external stakeholders also improved my communication skills. At the same time, it deepened my understanding on the different roles and support units in Singtel,” says Jacob.

Supporting Your Growth

The Singtel Undergraduate Scholarship (UGS) is another programme aimed at developing young, promising talents into future business leaders for the company.

A recipient of the Singtel UGS, Lieu Whai Peng, an Accountancy and Business Administration undergraduate at the Nanyang Technological University, has undergone two internships with the Group.

Jacob Toh

Jacob Toh
Singtel Customer Experience Cadet Scholar

Diploma in Customer Relationship and Service Management student at Republic Polytechnic

“My colleagues and superiors were always willing to mentor and lend a helping hand.”

For her first internship, Whai Peng was assigned to the Customer Intelligence Department in Consumer Operations. To boost the number of customers using Singtel’s self-help services, she was tasked to propose recommendations to improve the company’s website. She also explored promotional tools to encourage the use of self-help systems for the public.

Her second internship with the Finance Department was an eye-opening experience. With guidance from experienced superiors, Whai Peng learnt how to generate monthly finance reports.

“I had a glimpse of what financial managers do on a day-to-day basis,” says Whai Peng, “Singtel is so much more than just a telecommunications provider. The internships exposed me to different parts of the Group’s business!”

Singtel’s dynamic culture and flat hierarchy also helps fresh talents to assimilate better into the company. “The culture here is such that managers and colleagues do not treat you as an intern. Besides being approachable and helpful, they are also invested in your growth. They want to ensure that you learn as much as possible,” says Whai Peng.

Another benefit of the Singtel UGS is the opportunity to join the Singtel Management Associate Program (MAP) upon graduation. While others are required to undergo several stages in the application process, those under the UGS are fast-tracked into the MAP.

The MAP is designed to nurture young talents into highly competent leaders with a global outlook. Over the course of two years, Management Associates get to undergo job rotations and training programmes, and be involved in special projects.

“What I like about the MAP is that you don’t have to be pigeonholed into one role or function. You get to explore the different business units within Singtel, and then decide on what you would like to specialise in later on,” explains Whai Peng.

A Dynamic Organisation

Mirroring its strong focus on customer satisfaction, Singtel is committed to providing its people with rewarding careers. Hence, Singtel scholars can look forward to a realm of exciting developmental opportunities.

“Singtel supports your passions and aspirations. For Cadet Scholars who excel during their one-year bond, Singtel may even offer to support their university education. With that said, a scholarship is more than just about prestige and monetary benefits. It’s about pursuing your passion and building your career with an organisation,” says Jacob.

Whai Peng has her own advice for aspiring Singtel scholars: “Singtel’s philosophy is to always look forward and evolve. You should be passionate about this industry, and constantly seize opportunities to improve yourself.”