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Changi Airport has been ranked the world’s best airport for four consecutive years. Two scholars share with us the remarkable experience and skills they have gained, thanks to Changi Airport Group’s (CAG) Scholarship Programmes.

C AG has always strived to be the world leader in airport management – to grow a vibrant air-hub in Singapore and enhance the communities it serves worldwide. A scholarship with CAG opens up many opportunities for young people to realise their aspirations. One such individual who has seized this opportunity is Lucas Lee.

During Lucas’ third year of studies at the National University of Singapore, he chanced upon CAG’s 10-week internship programme. As he has always had an interest in the tourism industry, Lucas was intrigued by the prospect of working at Changi. He wanted to experience first-hand the behind-the-scenes happenings at the world’s best airport. His outstanding performance during the internship earned him a Mid-Term Scholarship with CAG. “As the saying goes, the rest is history and here I am today!” Lucas expressed with glee.

He is now a Senior Associate of Airport Operations Management where his primary role is to oversee the transfer and boarding areas at the upcoming Terminal 4 (T4). He is currently taking the lead in planning for the movement of airlines from current terminals to T4 when it opens. During his internship days, he was involved in CAG’s new self-service initiatives such as self-service check-in kiosks and self-bag drop counters. “I am confident that these initiatives will enhance the travel experience of our passengers when they travel through Changi.”

Halynne Shi

Halynne Shi
CAG Overseas Undergraduate Scholar

Bachelor of International Relations student at the London School of Economics and Political Science

“Every year, CAG will send overseas scholars like myself a welfare box filled with food and cooking condiments together with handwritten well-wishes. This is a thoughtful and sweet gesture that reminds us of home.”

Memorable Experiences and Valuable Skills

For Lucas, working at CAG has given him several unforgettable experiences. At the start of this year, he was appointed as a Liaison Officer for Asia’s Biggest Aviation Show – the Singapore Airshow. He had the opportunity to attend conferences and catch the extraordinary flying displays up-close. He was also part of the organising committee for the Annual Airport Celebration 2016, held in March this year. Looking back at these experiences, Lucas is grateful for the guidance and friendships made along the way. “The hours of hard work were definitely worth it after seeing the guests’ happy faces at the different events,” Lucas muses.

Being part of a larger airport community has given Lucas the opportunity to develop his interpersonal skills as he learns to align the interests of different stakeholders. He shares, “It always helps to take a step back and place yourself in the other party’s position. Addressing their concerns goes a long way in cultivating good relationships with our airport partners, and working together towards a common goal.”

Another CAG Scholar Halynne Shi has also gained valuable experiences through the CAG Overseas Undergraduate Scholarship. She is currently pursuing the Bachelor of International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

In living and studying overseas, Halynne gets to interact with people from starkly different backgrounds. While this was initially intimidating, she has since developed her interpersonal skills and this has enabled her to adapt and make friends in a foreign environment. “I am a firm believer in interpersonal connection. Once a friendship is made, racial, age and socioeconomic barriers can be eliminated. In our multicultural workplace, interpersonal skills are vital to team-building and collaboration with people from diverse backgrounds,” Halynne conveys.

Lucas Lee

Lucas Lee
CAG Mid-term Scholar

Senior Associate, Airport Operations Management

“The hours of hard work were definitely worth it after seeing the guests’ happy faces at the different events.”

Caring for its people

Besides covering tuition fees, CAG sincerely cares for an individual’s well-being and personal development in non-academic areas. “Every year, CAG will send overseas scholars like myself a welfare box filled with food and cooking condiments together with handwritten well-wishes. This is a thoughtful and sweet gesture that reminds us of home,” Halynne shares. “In some ways, CAG has become more than a company that I will be working for. It has become a family that I will return to after my studies. The CAG scholarship has given me the means to go out of my comfort zone, stretch my capabilities and develop my potential.” Halynne also took the opportunity to explore the world beyond the classroom. “I was able to attend talks and conferences by world-renowned politicians and academics, participate in learning trips and travel to more countries than I can count with my fingers and toes,” Haylnne shares excitedly.

For Halynne and Lucas, CAG’s authentic care and personal touch for its people is worth emphasising. “Through my interactions with the management and staff, I was deeply impressed by the genuine friendships forged. The camaraderie here is truly inspiring,” says Halynne. Lucas also adds that his team organises many dine-out sessions for bonding, as well as sports and games to keep fit together. “We help each other out in the office too, and the senior members of the team are always ready to lend a listening ear and share their experiences with the rest of us.”

When asked if they had any advice for youths who are exploring scholarship options, both scholars agreed that conducting sufficient research and speaking to different people is necessary and crucial. “It is important to keep asking questions! Be bold and ask your seniors, parents, and even your parents’ friends for their advice,” Lucas advises. Ultimately, it is not just about academics but one’s personal development which CAG is committed to invest in their people.