The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Gateway to Success

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) offers a wide range of quality programmes that develop students into industry movers and shakers of tomorrow.

T hink Hong Kong and images of bustling streets and modern business towers conjure up in our heads. As the financial capital of Asia, Hong Kong is a strategic location for companies looking to set up their regional headquarters in Asia, and a place where many have chosen to begin their careers. The wealth of career opportunities is one reason why Hong Kong has been voted in 2015 as one of the five best study destinations for students from all over the world.

One university that provides students with a multi-faceted education is The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU). It offers close to 50 comprehensive undergraduate programmes in the fields of Design, Business, Engineering, Construction, Hotel Management, Language Studies, and Healthcare. Regardless of one’s course of study, one can expect to receive an education that will enhance their future career prospects. In fact, surveys show that PolyU graduates are highly valued by employers, and that the graduate employment rate is 95.4per cent – a figure which PolyU is working hard to raise even higher.

Prepared for the World

Incorporated into PolyU’s curriculum are Work-Integrated Education as well as service learning subjects. The former gives students a chance to gain practical experience through internships, which students can choose to complete abroad. On the other hand, service learning subjects expose students to voluntary work and international projects in countries such as Rwanda, Cambodia and Indonesia. These experiences equip them with collaborative, leadership and communication skills, and give them a competitive edge in the job market.

But PolyU graduates do not necessarily need to compete in the job market – the knowledge they have received in university would prepare them to start their own companies should they choose to do so. With a firm belief in fostering the entrepreneurial mindset in students, PolyU has established several schemes to encourage students to explore entrepreneurial opportunities. These schemes include benefits such as mentorships, boot camps, and funding for the best business ideas.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

An Exciting Campus Life

The vibrant campus life is also a huge draw of PolyU. Numerous student communities add on to the campus’ vitality, many of which are supported by the university through mentorship and financial support. These communities are formed and led by PolyU students themselves with the aim of helping freshmen integrate into a new school and culture.

Living on campus can easily be one of the best experiences in life, and PolyU aims at making this true for students. It has two modern student dormitories – Hung Hom Hall and Homantin Hall. These dormitories boast sporting facilities such as a gym and swimming pool, common areas where students can hang out and watch movies, music rooms for those who wish to practise on their musical instrument, and learning spaces equipped with printers and scanners. Residing on campus is a much cheaper alternative to renting apartments in Hong Kong and is a good way to build relations with friends and course mates.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Scholarships are not restricted to freshmen – existing students can apply for scholarships throughout their undergraduate journey at PolyU.

On campus ground, one of the most common places to study in is the PolyU library. Its study rooms are conducive for both private studies and group work, and its opening hours are extended during exam periods to cater to students’ needs. Furthermore, the PolyU campus provides students with nearly 15 different places to have a quick snack, cup of coffee or a healthy dinner. There is something for everyone with hunger pangs – regardless of whether you are vegetarian or are looking for halal-certified food.

Showing Support for Students

PolyU offers several scholarship schemes to support the growth and development of its students. The main scholarship scheme for new students is the PolyU Entry Scholarship, which covers up to HKD640,000 of a student’s tuition and accommodation fees, as well as some living expenses. Last year alone, there were 50 new international students who received the PolyU Entry Scholarship, a number that has been steadily increasing over the years.

For students who wish to pursue a programme in the Faculty of Construction and Environment and the Faculty of Humanities, they will be pleased to know that outstanding applicants are able to receive additional scholarships with the value of up to HKD60,000 per academic year. Scholarships are not restricted to freshmen – existing students can apply for scholarships throughout their undergraduate journey at PolyU.

Another testament to PolyU’s support for students is its receptiveness to feedback. PolyU is always seeking to improve its programmes and other student matters to ensure students receive the best educational experience. In PolyU, programme management and career officers understand that the rapidly changing environment requires the university to be proactive in adapting to change and gathering feedback regularly. Surely, the commitment of a forward-thinking university to progress is one reason why PolyU has established a good repute not just among students – but among employers as well.