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Nanyang Technological University offers a diverse range of courses to equip students to chase their passions and fulfil their career goals. Undergraduates Charmayne Lim and Ma Siew Hong tell us about their dynamic education.

K nown for its expertise in engineering, science, business, education, humanities, arts and social sciences, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) offers its students a diverse and vibrant curriculum and campus life, no matter what their field of interests are. We speak to two scholars who took up the NTU - University Scholars Programme Scholarship and Renaissance Engineering Programme Scholarship respectively, about how NTU has helped them fulfil their unique personal and academic aspirations.

Charmayne Lim Simin

Charmayne Lim Simin
NTU-USP Scholarship holder

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology NTU - University Scholars Programme (NTU-USP)

Why did you choose to study at NTU?

Charmayne: I was primarily drawn to the modules that the Psychology course offered. There were educational psychology modules about Autism, ADHD and dyslexia, which I felt would help me in the future if I were to work with children with learning disabilities. I was also attracted to being part of the NTU-University Scholars Programme (NTU-USP), as that would enable me to supplement my learning with interesting courses from the liberal arts.

It might seem like psychology and media analytics are polar opposite disciplines, but Anais explains that this is hardly the case. “While psychology is the biological cognitive study of what motivates people, media analytics is the raw external process of how to convince people by reading data. Together these two disciplines work hand in hand to build a better understanding of our minds,” she says.

Siew Hong: Although I was offered a place at Imperial College London, I chose NTU because of its full scholarship without bond, and because I felt the Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP) fit my career goals. The REP offers an integrated dual degree course which means that in just 4.5 years, I will be awarded a Bachelor of Engineering Science (Specialisation in Mechanical Engineering) and a Master of Science in Technology Management. I was also very attracted to how the programme offers overseas experience. I spent my third year overseas at a partner university, and got to do an internship abroad too.

What opportunities does NTU offer undergraduates?

Charmayne: There are plenty of exchange opportunities as NTU partners with numerous universities in Asia, Europe and the USA. There are also many internship opportunities and NTU frequently hosts internship fairs and recruitment talks. There is even an online portal [email protected] to help coordinate both internships and exchange opportunities. To ensure holistic development, there are also school clubs that cater to a myriad of different interests and 22 halls for undergraduates to get a taste of living away from home.

Siew Hong: There are multiple avenues for you to develop your interests. For instance, I have competed at a start-up event, been part of a dance performance, and most significantly, led a student organisation called NTU Student Chapter of the Institution of Engineers Singapore. This gave me the opportunity to plan and execute various activities to engage fellow students, including arranging industrial visits and hosting polytechnic students on NTU campus. It was a good chance for me to develop the skills to recruit, influence and strategically direct a team.

How will NTU help you to excel in your career in the near future?

Charmayne: In future, I hope to work in a special needs school and interact with children with learning disabilities. Through its diverse module selection, NTU has provided me with opportunities to be sure that this is the route I want to specialise in. Also, through the NTU Psychology Society, I am now involved in Son-Rise Program, a long-term voluntary work programme which enables me to work with a boy with autism. I believe this experience will teach me valuable lessons for my future.

Siew Hong: I aspire to join a technology corporation and I have found the resources provided by the Career and Attachment Office to be tremendously useful. For instance, I attended a networking session which taught me how to interact with guests during formal occasions. I also attended a resume critique session with a career consultant, where I got tips that helped me secure an internship with Siemens. Besides this, I feel the interdisciplinary nature of my programme has stimulated my intellectual curiosity, and given me the confidence to pursue my goals. Diverse modules like ethics and forensic science have also helped broaden my perspectives and prepare me for the future.

Ma Siew Hong

Ma Siew Hong
REP Scholarship Holder

Bachelor of Engineering Science (Specialisation in Mechanical Engineering)
Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP)

Any words of wisdom for future NTU students?

Charmayne: At NTU, there are many opportunities available for you to explore your passions and with so many different courses and activities, there is bound to be an area you will be interested in. Importantly, I have found the school is a safe place to learn and grow. I recommend you to pursue your higher education with NTU, and once here, to boldly step out of your comfort zone to enjoy what the school has to offer!

Siew Hong: NTU has achieved remarkable growth over the past few years, exemplifying a spirit of continuous improvement. Also, with new infrastructure like halls, eateries and learning hubs being developed, and with new industry partners for more research and internship opportunities, it is an exciting time for prospective students. I would recommend NTU to those who can identify themselves as part of a dynamic university that continues to progress with time.