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Two individuals from the Kaplan Higher Education Academy open up about how their choice of higher education imbued them with the skills and knowledge to advance their careers in the fields of Accounting and Marketing Communications.

W ith a network of over 30,000 learners from over 30 countries worldwide, Kaplan continually demonstrates its role as a top-choice institution to learn as well as an avenue for students to network with Asia Pacific’s most promising talents.

One of the many global universities offered at Kaplan is Murdoch University. In 2017, it was ranked in the World’s Top 100 Best Universities under 50 years old, according to Times Higher Education 2017 ‘Top 200 global universities under 50 years old’. There are over 180 double majors and 18 specialisations to choose from. The Dean from Murdoch University is based in Singapore to oversee the academic aspects of the programmes and to ensure a high standard of academic delivery here.

We speak to Tan Fang Fang, a current undergraduate, and Alfred Tan, a graduate, to find out why they chose to further their studies at Kaplan and how their education has since empowered them to excel in their respective fields.

Why motivated you to pursue a degree with Kaplan?

Fang Fang: My brother, who was a student at Kaplan Singapore, encouraged me to further my studies here, and to attend the preview sessions to find out more beforehand. I was overwhelmed by the number of universities and programmes offered by Kaplan. I finally chose Murdoch University to pursue my bachelor’s degree. I was impressed by the number of professional accreditations and recognition the Accounting bachelor’s degrees have. Furthermore, the modules are practical and industry-relevant.

Tan Fang Fang

Tan Fang Fang

Bachelor of Business in Accounting
Murdoch University

Alfred: I graduated with a Diploma in Molecular Biotechnology from Ngee Ann Polytechnic. However, I decided on a career switch when I had the chance to work in a fast-moving consumer goods firm. Knowing that I lacked the relevant skills in communications and public relations, I went ahead with a double major in Communication and Media and Public Relations from Murdoch University with Kaplan. I felt it would put me in better standing in today’s competitive society and the degree would equip me with the skills to be more effective in building and understanding business-to-consumer relations.

The flexible study schedule helped me to juggle work and studies. The degree programme has also helped me gain a deeper understanding of social media, and I have learned to be a more strategic marketing and communications professional.

What would you say about the culture among your schoolmates and faculty staff?

Fang Fang: The lecturers are very experienced and well-versed in the content that they teach. Accounting modules can be difficult to understand. However, the lecturers simplify the concepts to make it easier for us to comprehend. When time permits or even during break times, lecturers will share additional content for students to better understand certain topics, enabling us to better relate the content to our personal experiences. They are also very accommodating and understanding towards students as they understand that we have other commitments aside from attending classes. My schoolmates are very encouraging and close-knit; we provide support to one another along the way as we know that we are all in this together and working hard towards the same goal.

How did Murdoch University Degree help to prepare you to meet your career goals?

Fang Fang: The modules taught at Murdoch University provide students with well-structured content coverage, which in turn enable professional bodies like Certified Practising Accountants Australia (CPA Australia) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) to grant students exemptions from papers at the foundational level. I was very excited to learn that I will be granted exemptions which means I can proceed directly to the professional level with my Bachelor’s Degree from Murdoch University!

Alfred Tan

Alfred Tan
Marketing Communications Manager

CNP Cosmetics Singapore Pte Ltd
Bachelor of Communication in
Communication and Media Studies and Public Relations (Double Major)
Murdoch University

How has your Double Major enabled you to excel in your role as Marketing Communications Manager?

Alfred: I have been trained on how to apply my knowledge to analyse problems critically and creatively, and develop communications solutions. I also identify and evaluate communications practices with regards to social, political and economic contexts as well as apply the practical skills required in one or more fields of professional practice within the communications industries.

What advice do you have for those who wish to pursue Murdoch University Bachelor’s Degrees at Kaplan?

Fang Fang: Murdoch University at Kaplan has a flexible approach to learning and students are strongly encouraged to think out of the box and to think on their feet at any given time. The implementation of integrated learning enables busy working adults to fit learning into their schedules, as they are able to choose modules according to their schedules and preferred lecture days.

Students are also able to learn at their own pace while still staying on track without the fear that they might not be able to catch up with the content taught in class or not having enough time to take down notes during lectures.