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Allowing The Arts To Flourish

To ensure budding young artists can chase their passions, LASALLE College of the Arts equips its students through a comprehensive range of contemporary arts and design programmes, grounded in real-world industry engagement and guided by renowned international experts.

C reativity and collaboration are at the heart of the culture of LASALLE. It is through its campus doors that artists unite, passion flows and potentials are developed, leaving students not just inspired, but also equipped to chase their dreams in the arts.

The vibrancy of LASALLE’s many programmes, combined with the expertise of renowned international faculty, has propelled LASALLE to the forefront of Singapore’s arts and cultural scene. For any young arts practitioner looking to gain a foothold in the industry and carve out a career in arts or design, LASALLE is the institution of choice.

Arts management student, Estella Ng, and fashion alumnus, Jerome Lim, are two such talents. They share how their time at LASALLE has helped them develop their passion, hone their skills and prepared them to carve out a niche in the blossoming arts industry.

Outstanding Arts Education

Estella grew up with a keen interest in the arts, involving herself in piano, contemporary dance, and theatre studies in drama. She always knew she wanted a career in the arts, and was attracted to LASALLE because of the prospect of being in a like-minded community of artists.

Estella Azarael Ng Huixin

Estella Azarael Ng Huixin

BA (Hons) Arts Management,
Year 3

Jerome, on the other hand, found his way to LASALLE later in his life, after interning in the public relations and advertising division of Prada. This experience, he shares, is what affirmed his interest in fashion above other disciplines and convinced him to pursue a career in the industry.

He chose LASALLE’s BA(Hons) Fashion Media and Industries programme for its diverse curriculum. The course covers different facets of the industry and gave Jerome exposure to the full range of fashion communication practices. This enabled him to try his hand at styling, photography, editorial design and marketing, all of which gave him a good overview of what working in fashion would be like.

Importantly, he shares: “These modules provided me with a solid foundation from which I was able to branch out in my final year. I was confidently able to explore different specialties, which have been helpful for my future ambitions.”

Estella echoes his sentiments, adding that her BA(Hons) Arts Management programme has been crucial in equipping her for her future as an arts manager. She recalls how one memorable model focused on the evolution of art forms, and encouraged students to debate the socio-political and economic factors that affect art. This, she says, challenged her to “develop critical thinking skills”.

She was also given hands-on experience as an arts manager through a module that entailed planning a five-day arts festival in conjunction with the Singapore Tourism Board. “It was the first time we were placed in charge of key components – from programming and marketing, to administrative matters such as licensing, budgeting, and sponsorships,” Estella recounts.

She adds, “This project was the epitome of independent learning and I am grateful that LASALLE provided me with the opportunity to take ownership of such a large-scale public event.”

Global Connections

This real-world experience is a signature of LASALLE’s education as the institution endeavours to keep students relevant and in touch with the global arts scene. Other ways LASALLE achieves this is by inviting guest lecturers from the creative industries to share their experiences.

Estella remembers these sessions as enlightening times that gave her a good glimpse into the industry and prepared her for challenges she was likely to face in the future. She adds that these connections with guest lecturers could often springboard to overseas opportunities, internship placements and collaborative projects, all of which would help students gain a stronger foothold in the arts scene.

Jerome Lim Jun Rong

Jerome Lim Jun Rong

BA (Hons) Fashion Media and Industries

Also, Jerome says, by bringing in lecturers and students from all over the world, LASALLE is what he describes as “a true cultural melting pot”. He elaborates, “You become plugged into a network of artists, designers and creatives, not just in Singapore but also from Southeast Asia.” This, he says, enables students to learn from each other’s unique backgrounds, and it is a great starting point for ideas and collaboration to flow.

Paving Your Own Way Forward

Ultimately, Estella declares, “Your university life is very much what you make of it. Beyond the thrills of aspiring to be an artist, designer or arts manager, there is also blood, sweat and tears to be spilled.” She believes LASALLE has brought out the best in her, giving her the keys to unlock various doors in her future career, and instilled within her an entrepreneurial spirit when looking for possibilities.

“By combining the knowledge gained from individuals who have worked overseas, and my own experience, I am able to compare different models and approaches to managing arts events. This has enabled me to think more critically about the current landscape we have in Singapore and has driven me to want to make a change, in whatever capacity I can, to improve our future as an arts hub,” she says.

“Most of our programmes are highly tailored to the industry in mind and have taken into account what our local arts industries need in particular,” Jerome adds. He concludes that from his experience, he has found LASALLE to exceed his expectations, giving him and his peers a holistic, relevant and challenging education that prepares them for not just industry, but also for life as a whole.