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What to Look Forward to at the BrightSparks Fair

Thu, 04/14/2016 Deanna Bonaparte
What to Look Forward to at the BrightSparks Fair If you were at our inaugural BrightSparks Fair last year, you probably remember opening up your goodie bag to an abundance of useful stationery and items, all of which were planned for by scholarship providers looking to nurture young talents. We remember receiving colourful post-it pads from the Singapore Tourism Board, block highlighters from the Defence Science and Technology Agency, EZ-link cards from the Land Transport Authority, and even cutlery sets from the Health Promotion Board!

More importantly, you probably remember how easy it was to meaningfully engage the various scholarship providers that were present. There is indeed no easier and more straightforward way to ask scholarship-specific questions than by enquiring at a scholarship fair.

So be pleased to know that the BrightSparks Fair is happening once again this year! Happening on 4 June 2016, this scholarship fair will be bigger, better and just as informative as it was last year. Here are some things you can look forward to at this year’s fair.

Prizes to be Won

Apart from being able to snag another bag of goodies, this year’s fair will give you more opportunities to win other attractive prizes.

We will be conducting a quick non-compulsory survey to find out who your scholarship providers of choice are, and why they have earned your vote. So use this opportunity to tell us about your favourite scholarship providers! Your valued opinions will be exchanged with a gift from the BrightSparks team that will make you smile. It’s really that simple.

Ability to Attend More Info Sessions

This year, we have invited more scholarship providers to conduct talks and information sessions for your benefit. They include MOH Holdings, Infocomm Development Authority, the Republic of Singapore Navy, the Singapore Workforce Development Authority, and the Ministry of National Development.

The sessions cover in-depth scholarship details, the benefits you will receive as a scholar, and the kind of projects you will undertake should you pursue a career within the organisation. Attend these insightful sessions to gain a better understanding of what a scholar’s job entails, and how well your interests will align with a career that the scholarship provider can offer.

An Opportunity to Make Friends

While there is a chance that your fellow fair attendees might be your scholarship competitors, there is also a chance that they might be working with you in future – whether in the same organisation, or through a cross-agency collaboration. Considering this, the fair will be an opportune time to get to know your fellow aspiring scholars and expand your network of contacts!

Whether or not these aspiring scholars eventually take up a scholarship, never underestimate the benefits of forming connections. You never know which contact might come in handy in the future, so start young and form as many connections at the fair. Be careful not to appear overly enthusiastic though – you don’t want to come across as pushy and overbearing.

With all that said, we hope you will have a fruitful and meaningful time at the fair. Don’t forget to register – and find out how you can prepare yourself for the fair before attending. See you on 4 June 2016!

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