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Don’t Miss the Boat with a MaritimeONE Scholarship!

Thu, 05/14/2015 Deanna Bonaparte
Don’t Miss the Boat with a MaritimeONE Scholarship! The Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF), established on 27 January 2004, was created to forge a strong partnership between the public and private sectors and provide the maritime industry (including the marine, shipping, port and ancillary services sectors) with a clear and representative voice.

SMF also works closely with the Singapore Government to advance our joint vision of developing Singapore into a premier International Maritime Centre (IMC). As the bridge between Government and the private maritime sector, we help initiate ideas and drive proposals to boost the sector’s development and grow the overall Singapore economy.

Charting the Course for Singapore’s Maritime Leaders
To ensure that Singapore’s marine community continues functioning like a well-oiled machine, it needs well-trained people equipped with relevant skills.

The MaritimeONE (Outreach NEtwork) initiative was launched in April 2007 by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), SMF, Association of Singapore Marine Industries (ASMI) and Singapore Shipping Association (SSA). It functions as the key manpower initiative for maritime stakeholders to collectively raise awareness of the maritime industry and profile education and career opportunities.

MaritimeONE Scholarships are offered to maritime students and are funded by private companies keen to improve the manpower development of the industry by offering possible job opportunities in their companies for MaritimeONE Scholars. Sponsors include renowned maritime setups, namely American Bureau of Shipping, IMC Industrial Group, Jurong Port Pte Ltd, Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd, PSA Corporation Ltd and Sembcorp Marine Ltd.

Several MaritimeONE Scholarships are awarded to Diploma or Universities (Local and Overseas) students every year. To date, 200 MaritimeONE Scholarships have been awarded by more than 37 sponsors.

Through this scholarship, SMF and its maritime partners hope to attract more young talents into the maritime industry by encouraging more students to enrol in maritime-specific courses and to later pursue a maritime career.

Pang Qi Jun
Swire Pacific Offshore – MaritimeONE Scholar (awarded in 2011)

“Like most of my peers during my student days, I did not know what I wanted in a career. I have never thought of myself as ‘scholarship material’ and my only ambition was to someday secure a job that would interest and challenge me.”

“Subsequently, I made the decision to enrol in the Bachelor of Science degree in Maritime Studies (offered by Nanyang Technological University) as I appreciated the modernity and diversity of today’s maritime sector and the stability of a career development in this age-old industry.”

“My university years were enriching and memorable. My lecturers made learning engaging with their sound knowledge and expertise in diverse aspects of the maritime business. They were approachable and generous in sharing their wealth of maritime knowledge, making it easy for me to clarify my doubts and piquing my curiosity in the shipping business.”

“During my third year in university, I was awarded the Swire Pacific Offshore – MaritimeONE Scholarship. This opened new doors for me and gave me access to networking sessions with fellow school mates and maritime professionals. During these seminars and networking events, I learnt about pertinent issues and recent developments in the maritime sector today and felt the strong camaraderie of the maritime community.”

“I am appreciative of SMF and MaritimeONE for their efforts in nurturing me and paving the way for my budding maritime career. These interactions have made lasting impressions on me and made me eager to do my part to contribute back to the Singapore maritime sector.”

“Just like cadet sailors embarking on their first forays to the boundless sea, I look forward to set sail on my own maritime adventure upon graduation from the university. To those who come after me, the MaritimeONE Scholarship will cruise you into an exciting journey into the maritime industry, offering you a career with great prospects!”
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