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Applying for a Scholarship Twice

Mon, 04/27/2015 Deanna Bonaparte
Applying for a Scholarship Twice Being awarded a scholarship can come with numerous benefits – the security of a job after graduation, a fully paid-for education and the guidance of a mentor to assist you as you mount the steep learning curve in your careers.

This is why plenty of students scour the Internet to gain a better understanding of different scholarship providers and flock to BrightSparks’ scholarship application platform to drop in their credentials.

But when a scholarship application is rejected, one can feel devastated. This needn’t be the end of the world – a repeat application might reflect well on you and the adage ‘once bitten, twice shy’ should not exist in your philosophical library.

A Second Opportunity

A second scholarship interview is a second golden opportunity to prove your worth. Most applicants do not even get a single chance to showcase their abilities, so seek comfort in knowing that there is something impressive about your credentials for it to have garnered two interview invitations.

You will also be going for your interview with the advantage of knowing what your panel of interviewers are looking for. Based on your previous experience, you will be better able to gauge the kind of questions that will be thrown at you during the session and prepare yourself accordingly.

A Reflection of Your Work Attitude

Applying for a scholarship twice also speaks volumes about your confidence and determination to reach your goals. These are traits all scholars should possess and that allow interviewers to look at you with a new perspective – that you have what it takes to become a scholar.

If you are applying for the same scholarship, your ability to market yourself differently – based on your knowledge of what worked well previously and what didn’t – also shows your astute business sense in situations that require adaptability and flexibility.

Passion and Commitment

Last but not least, applying for the same scholarship twice reflects your genuine interest in and passion for the field. It is often this combination that allows an applicant to stand out as a worthy scholar.

Passion plays a large role in deciding which scholarship to pursue. It is only when you have passion for your course of study and future career that you can focus on being yourself in the interview session and let your honesty, openness and interest convey themselves to your interviewer.

While it is natural to feel down and disheartened at a rejected application, it takes an admirable person to bounce back on his feet with motivation worth double the intensity to try again. A second application may be just the step towards clinching the coveted scholarship – after all, you miss 100 per cent of the chances you don’t take so don’t deprive yourself of another scholarship opportunity!

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