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Powering a Leading Energy Company

Fri, 05/05/2017 By Deanna Bonaparte
Powering a Leading Energy Company As one of Singapore’s largest corporations, SP Group (SP) is responsible for providing reliable and efficient utility services for more than 1.4 million customers in Singapore. Managing such a large-scale operation and ensuring it runs like clockwork is no easy feat, which is why SP is always on the lookout for talents who are able to rise up to this challenge.

Tan Run Yan is one such individual. The Senior Systems Analyst is currently in the Data Analytics team supporting SP’s move towards Electric Vehicles. His role sees him using contemporary technology to develop mobile applications that drive automation and ensure a smooth workflow. One project that Run Yan was involved in was the Geospatial Gas Leaks Location Analytics. Using Geospatial Data Analytics Tools, Run Yan’s team worked with gas engineers to build a prototype that analyses historical data of gas leaks to determine areas that have higher propensity for recurrence.

This allowed the gas engineers to deploy resources in an objective and data driven manner, resulting in very significant resource efficiencies gained. He shares, “SP emphasises on driving innovation to increase productivity. I am glad to be part of the team that prepares the grid for future challenges and primes SP to seize new opportunities in the ever evolving energy landscape, through digitalisation.”

Learning Beyond Borders
Run Yan has been with SP Group for slightly over five years now, and what an eventful journey it has been. His time in the Strategic Investments unit saw him travel to Melbourne once a month for a period of up to two weeks each. “Much effort and focus were needed to understand the local culture and communicate with our Australian counterparts,” he divulges. “There was also a need to maximise each trip to gather as much business information and to collaborate with as many business managers as possible. The fast-paced work in a diverse environment offered me opportunities to sharpen my soft skills and learn how to prioritise.”

A Nurturing Culture
Besides benefitting from overseas exposure, Run Yan has been able to develop personally and professionally within SP. He led volunteerism activities as a key member of the SP Heart Workers Committee in 2015 and 2016. He shares, “Organising events for the underprivileged on top of meeting my daily work demands was challenging. I spent time and effort to collaborate with beneficiary organisations and vendors to ensure the successful execution of events. Bringing joy to and seeing the smiles of beneficiaries always give me a sense of satisfaction and fuel to continue volunteering.”

Learning and Growing with SP
As a SP scholar, Run Yan shares that the scholarship has brought him to various postings and opened his eyes to new perspectives. “With each new posting, there are new domain knowledge to be gained and new challenges to overcome. It helps for officers to have strong passion in their work and be receptive to guidance from fellow colleagues and mentors. These will help to accelerate their learning,” concludes Run Yan.
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