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nurturing clinical innovators for tomorrow

Nurturing Clinical Innovators for Tomorrow

Tue, 02/20/2024 Angelitha Jayaraj
Nurturing Clinical Innovators for Tomorrow
The Duke-NUS Medical School has had a rich history of training some of the brightest minds to become outstanding clinicians who are poised to make impactful contributions to the field of medicine. Geraldine Lee and John Low stand as shining examples, showcasing the school’s strong commitment to its mission of transforming medicine and improving lives.

Through the Conditional Admissions (CA) programme, individuals like Geraldine are empowered to pursue diverse academic interests while remaining engaged with the medical landscape. Meanwhile, John, through his study of medicine, seamlessly intertwines his passion for science with a profound desire to make a lasting impact on people. His expertise in viral replication and lab experience bolsters his goal of becoming a Clinician-Scientist. We hear from Geraldine and John about their respective paths and Duke-NUS’s role in shaping them into inspiring professionals set to make a mark in the medical field.

Find out more about Duke-NUS Medical School's pathways and programmes here.

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