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Scholarship Application Checklist

Fri, 01/24/2020 Zhou Mei An
Scholarship Application Checklist

You’ve done your research and decided which scholarships you want to shoot for. (We emphasise, again, that you should apply for scholarships you’re interested in, not “anything I have a chance at”.) You’ve signed up on the BrightSparks portal.

Good job! You’ve completed the first steps in the scholarship process.

To ensure a smooth, fuss-free application, we’ve prepared the following checklist of information and documents you should have on hand before you click ‘login’ (and begin applying). Simply upload the documents and go down the list, checking off the boxes!

Take note that it will take about 30-40 minutes to finish entering all the relevant information and upload the required documents. (Do note that if your BrightSparks account is idle for more than 20 minutes, the system will log you out. Your information will not be saved.)

Set aside the time, go slowly and check each step, and fill the form as completely as possible.


1.     Information (to be entered in the ‘Profile’ section of BrightSparks)

·        Your personal particulars

·        Your family's particulars

·        Your National Service information (if applicable)

·        Your education details - these include your GCE “N”/“O” Level (or equivalent) grades, GCE “A” Level, IB, ACT, Diploma, NITEC/Higher NITEC (or equivalent) grades, and tertiary grades if you are a university undergraduate or graduate (You can apply for scholarships with only your preliminary grades, but be sure to update your Scholarship Resume when you receive your final grades!)

·        Your TOEFL, SAT 1 & 2, GMAT or GRE date of sitting, test centre and score (if applicable)

·        An indication of your language proficiency


2.     Scholarship Profile (Remember: After doing this once, you can apply for multiple scholarships with the same information, cutting down the time!)

·        Sec 4 year-end school academic reports

·        Sec 4 CCA and CIP records

·        Certificate(s)/Results slip for GCE “A” Levels or equivalent (E.g. IB, NUS High, Polytechnic)

·        JC CCA and CIP Records (if applicable)

·        Awards, Achievements, and Prizes

·        SAT/SAT Subject Test Results (if applicable)

·        Letters of recommendation/testimonials

·        University admission status (if applicable), and entitlement of other grants

·        Your photo (make sure that this is a professional image, with neat hair and free of makeup. As a rule of thumb, a photo that will work for a passport is also a good admission photo.)

·        Other supporting documents (these include certificates that would support your case, as well as your scholarship essay. You may also wish to submit your CV.)


3.     Additional Documents for Mid-Term Applicants

·        University Academic Transcripts

·        University CCA Records

·        NS Certificate of Service (if applicable)


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