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Designing Sustainable Dreamscapes for the Future

Wed, 02/07/2024 BRIGHTSPARKS
Designing Sustainable Dreamscapes for the Future

It's not every day that one gets to blend their passion with their hobby. Meet Stella Wee, a Master of Architecture student at the National University of Singapore (NUS), whose interest in architecture has led to a newfound hobby: hiking. In her free time, you'll find her exploring natural landscapes, neighbourhoods and buildings. It's her way of soaking in Singapore’s diversity and deepening her understanding of the built environment.

Stella is more than just a student; she's a dreamer with a purpose. To turn her passion into reality, she applied for the Singapore-Industry Scholarship (SgIS) (Mid-Term) scholarship with DP Architects, a Singapore-based multidisciplinary design firm with 17 offices worldwide.

We had the opportunity to hear from Stella on her passion for architecture and her mission to create a lasting imprint on the built environment sector.

What sparked your passion for architecture and led you to pursue it as a field of study?

Stella: When I was young, I found it interesting that communal spaces such as void decks and community centres have a significant impact on our everyday lives. The relationship between spaces and how they shape our lives and interactions with our surroundings is extremely meaningful. When I was studying for my Diploma in Architecture, I was further inspired by what I learnt from my seniors, tutor, and practicing architects, as it opened my eyes to architecture’s endless possibilities.

Is there a particular architectural building in Singapore that captivates you?

Stella: Growing up in Tampines, I have a soft spot for Our Tampines Hub as it was one of the first buildings to integrate a wide variety of community-centric spaces. I remember spending time there studying, playing, and eating with my friends after school. During weekends, the vibrant community spirit resonates throughout the development with multiple events happening at the atrium spaces. Till today, I find myself going back to it often. Seeing the place filled with fun activities warms my heart and deeply inspires me.

What motivated you to apply for the Singapore-Industry Scholarship?

Stella: When I first learnt about the SgIS, I was interested in the multitude of opportunities it offered, such as internships, networking events and workshops. Furthermore, the financial support the scholarship provided allows me to fully immerse in my studies without worries. I felt that this scholarship was one I could not miss out on.

What led you to select DP Architects as your sponsoring organisation?

Stella: I chose DP Architects as the firm covers a wide range of projects, from commercial and residential to healthcare, offices and more. Their belief in developing architecture for the people, with a strong focus on sustainability, resonated with me deeply. I believe that with DP Architects, I will have ample opportunities to grow and achieve my aspirations of designing spaces that improve the quality of life and create a lasting positive impact on our community and its wellbeing.

Tell us about the NUS Masters Programme for Architecture. Are there any specific areas or subjects within the programme that have influenced your perspectives?

Stella: It is indeed an extremely gruelling programme, as I find myself pushing my boundaries to explore novel ideas. Nonetheless, it is a rewarding process. I particularly found urban design interesting as it imparted values on how architecture should not be viewed in isolation. It requires collaboration between stakeholders such as architects, engineers, policymakers and even the residents to create enjoyable spaces.

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations or goals in the field of architecture?

Stella: One of my core motivations as an aspiring architect is to contribute to projects with a significant social and environmental impact. By creating dynamic and sustainable spaces, I am positive that architecture can be enjoyed by everybody.

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Applications for the SgIS Built Environment Scholarship is now open till 21 March 2024, click here to apply.



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