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It takes a special kind of person to thrive in the social service sector, where the challenges are many but the results truly rewarding.

Evelyn Chen

Speech and Language Therapist at SPD

"The social service sector is growing at a fast pace, with attractive remuneration, and opportunities for career development. As more attention is placed on the sector, and as it gears up to serve the increasing needs of our society, we can look forward to exciting times ahead."

Emily Koh

Physiotherapist at SPD

"I always knew I wanted to join either healthcare or social service upon graduation. In the end, I decided to join social service as it serves the stratum of society that is most vulnerable and requires the most support. I wanted to contribute by empowering people's lives."

Tay Zi Man

Occupational Therapist at Rainbow Centre

"I wanted to reach out to people who have been stigmatised by the society and require services they need to build a better life for themselves and their families. I made the decision to join social service, with the purpose of being there for those who need it."

Lyon Koh

Social Worker at AMKFSC
Promising Social Worker Award 2020 Winner

"The scholarship allows me to have richer interactions with the social service sector, prior to work, through various opportunities in connecting with those in the sector. Being in the NCSS Sun Ray Scheme also gives me added exposure to macro-level work through involvement in sector-wide initiatives and workgroups, which has been eye-opening for me."

David Puvaneyshwaran

Social Worker at TRANS SAFE Centre

"As with any other scholarship, the financial support is very helpful. Most importantly, if you are considering work within the social service sector, this scholarship allows you to serve in one of the social service agencies under the NCSS membership – and there are plenty to choose from."

Zakiyah Ibrahim

Senior Social Worker at Big Love Child Protection Specialist Centre, a programme by Montfort Care

"It was unexpected, but also heartening. I've learnt something new from every client that I've worked with, and the most rewarding experiences are when clients remember you after you have closed the case for some time, and when you least expect it."

Nur Adilah Binte Basri

Educational Psychologist at Community Psychology Hub

"Sometimes it is hard to see the progress on a day-to-day basis, because it is so little or small. But these are important milestones, and when you look back, you will be amazed at how these little steps help them to take big strides in their development. Reflecting on each child's progress and how they gain in confidence drives me to move forward."

Jeremy Heng

Clinical Psychologist at Singapore Children's Society

"If you have a heart for social service, just go for it. You will have opportunities to participate in training and programmes that not only further your professional development, but also help you to take on a more macro view and be sensitive to trends, gaps and areas for progress."

Pearlene Ng

Clinical Psychologist at Viriya Community Services

"Connecting with other professionals had shown me how different individuals in social service can come together to support a client, whilst tapping on one another's strength and expertise."