It takes a special kind of person to thrive in the social service sector, where the challenges are many but the results truly rewarding.

Social Worker
Cherlynn Ang Xueli, Social Service Scholar (NCSS)

Cherlynn Ang Xueli

Social Service Scholar | Social Worker

I like the idea of being able to help others achieve their full potential and live life to its fullest. I also want to make the world a better place to live in and I fi nd a lot of meaning and purpose in doing so.

Alvin Mak Hoi Kit, Social Service Scholar (NCSS)

Alvin Mak Hoi Kit

Social Service Scholar | Social Worker

Personally, I like the dynamic nature of our work! We do get curveballs thrown our way when we least expect it but what really matters is how we tackle them strategically for more fruitful outcomes.

Revathi D/O Thangavel, Social Service Scholar (NCSS)

Revathi D/O Thangavel

Social Service Scholar | Social Worker

The key is to show sincerity in wanting to build genuine relationships with clients. You have to step into their shoes to understand things from their perspective. You then remove your own value system and avoid casting judgement on them. Once they realise that you can empathise with them and regard them positively, you might be able to achieve a breakthrough.

Sharon Sim Sze Lyn, Social Service Scholar (NCSS)

Sharon Sim Sze Lyn

Social Service Scholar | Manager, Therapy Hub

Community work can be highly challenging and demanding. Very often, we have to be creative in our utilisation of limited resources. However, when you see clients benefiting from your work, it is exceedingly rewarding.

Muhammad Haikal Bin Jamil, Social Service Scholar (NCSS)

Muhammad Haikal Bin Jamil

Social Service Scholar | Psychologist; Master of Psychology (Clinical) graduate from the National University of Singapore

As an NCSS Social Service Scholar, I am fortunate to have been given exposure to the various sectors of social service, more opportunities for training, and the ability to meet other professionals in the social service. This has helped me to grow into a Psychologist whose knowledge is not just limited to mental health.