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Social Service
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BrightSparks- National Social Service Singapore, NCSS

Social Services

The social service sector provides services for the well-being of people, across all sub-sectors including families in social and financial need, children with special needs, lonely elderly, people with disabilities and youths who are at risk of going astray. The sector professionals i.e. social workers, psychologists and therapists, taking on a multi-disciplinary team approach, work together to help strengthen and build this community. The social service sector employs 15,000 employees.

Growth Opportunities

The social service scene in Singapore today has evolved into one very different from its own part of attending to mere simple needs. With the increase in complexity in today’s social issues and impending demographic outcomes, the professionals in the social service sector continue to work hard to ensure that every individual lives a life of dignity and to their best potential.

Opportunities for employment in the social service sector await those keen to make a difference in the lives of others. With an exciting array of professions and career options awaiting, interested individuals can look forward to an extensive growth and professional development, as well as the fulfilment of a meaningful career that will be more than ‘just a job’.

If you are keen to be part of the Social Service Sector, you can apply to the Social Service Scholarship.